Maya Civilization And Another World

The world archaeological world said that the Mayan's ancient city of Mayan in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) can hide another ancient city, longer than the dynasty of each dominate here.02: 00/2: 58 South Southern representative of the team told the National Geographic that they were surprised to see that the pyramid was built on the palace and was completely sealed. The research showed, most likely one Kiuic's other king was the owner of the court. A few centuries later, another king built a pyramid on the old palace, because one of the two reasons: one is the next king belonging to another lineage, wanting to remove the old ruins; The two are the descendants of the king of the palace, want to create a relationship with the old force, enhance their power. Mysterious palace consists of 3 buildings, one side is the temple, across As the royal family's residence area and a large building is where the throne is placed

. Up to now, people still do not identify its exactly, but mostly it already exists about 1,200 years.Maya used to be a great, famous civilization in the fields of architecture, mathematics and Astronomical beliefs. Appearing since 2000 BC, many of Mayan's impressive works still exist in forests in southeast Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and west of Honduras
Another mark of Maya civilization is Palenque - a wild ancient city is covered with dense cedar, southern Mexico forests, dating from 226 BC to 799 AD.Never know that archaeologists John Lloyd Stevens has made records of an area that has made a Maya civilization in Mexico. His notes in May 1840 were sentences: "Nothing makes me more impressed by the scene of massive and attractive city has become wild and lost". The discovery of Stevens is extremely difficult Towel with temperature like scorching and dense vegetation. Egyptian pyramid system, ancient relics in Italy and temples in the capital of Athens (Greece) and including the central central forests do not make him overwhelmed and amazed as when standing Before the ruins of a civilization were covered by the old forests.stevens and Frederick Catherwood architect rafted the ruins of Palenque. Later looking back, it was thought that only geniuses could plan a city like that, and only the most advanced professionals could build it. , Palenque covered an area of more than 57 square kilometers. The most important works are built around about 630 to 700 AD, then most of the places on Earth are only small, spontaneous works. Learn attention, decorative motifs still Left on the walls shows that this place has sealed the same installation teams for at least 300 years
"We can open the entrance to the Mayan Pyramid, but permanently can not understand What took place in another world existed before us over a thousand years ago. Can only say it's an eternal civilization "- Lofenn Gautiet, archaeologist researched the Maya civilization.

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