Maybe Saigon Really Rest …

So today Saigon entered 15 days in a special ... 0:00 / 3: 09 NAMSURS NAME NAY, I posted a photo before you spacing in "Resort", the Polytechnic University, instead of those The article Saigon was quiet I took, because they looked sad. This grass was always bustling of the balls, crowded events, but now only me and the room with a few meters apart, The barefoot runs on a new grass cut, inhaling airy air full of passionate grass

. Sometimes it is impurable, the simplicity is like "breathingtrain" turns out to be a privilege, not the mask without a shield, and is smelled with sweet fresh grass ..
weeks now, my head is always Feeling feelings and thinking, but don't want to write anything, perhaps silent is also an emotional expression or in this moment, when around everyone is vulnerable, easy to argue, ease of sadness ... Photo: Truong Thanh Tung, I asked you to carry a round with a "car" to watch Saigon after nearly 2 months of the road and house. I wondered that Saigon was actually injured, spending on the ways of stretching isolated isolation, the shops paid on the grounds, the wholesale neighborhoods sour, ambulance and ball Green shirt protected continuously met on the road. Looking back to our students, when watching a subsidy record, we also shocked many children who were old to take care of their lives. Tables, weddings ... now don't even have money to eat
Everything took place in Saigon faster regardless of anywhere, because of the urban characteristics, because of the habit, culture of life and the pressure of a big city. Hue, my two children complained that they were Too too, grew up to meet the pandemic, not going to the restaurant, traveling on the underwater forest, not going to Hanoi eating to go out with the grandparents ... I told my children that my children, nobody There is a complete life without having difficulties. What you are thinking is difficult, is more complete than the childhood childhood childhood, a lot of times many times the time of grandparents - the bar Spring during the war, hard, fear, even hungry and uncertainty. But everyone had to overcome, had to try to try, even to accept it, because many things tried. Probably rewarded as if life only operate in our own way, depends on a social system, sometimes dependent on both luck. Can we do just work hard and patient and like Comfort, hardworking even When it is still peaceful for difficulties, it is stored, patient with the goal in all circumstances and must know adaptability, as simple as the old things can be used by the service, now manifest without coal What is the past, but through how, sometimes it is decided by yourself, that's all. Saigon last night like night 30 strange, hustling shopping, rushed to count to return home before the way ... 9am dinner Many houses started closing, karaoke, not knowing 12h night with "1,2,3 Zo "No more ... but this morning, 7h then I hit the birds singing, not in the rabbit, the siren, sometimes resounding the emergency car ... Suddenly I feel, maybe Gon really rest. Calm down my city, then will gradually revive! Associate. Dr. Bui Mai Huong (Lecturer in Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology) Readers send articles about Your opinion may not coincide with VietNamNet's view. Sincerely thank

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