Mazda Cx-5 2022 Will Use 6-cylinder Motor In Line

According to the source from Australian media, the next generation SUV Mazda CX-5 model will run on a completely new platform and equip a 6-cylinder engine. This model has entered the test phase. The Australian Mazda Executive Director has confirmed with the press that Japanese carmaker will continue to invest in high-performance engines in the future. Accordingly, cars from Mazda CX-5 2022 new high-end or more will use the completely larger platform and equip high-end motors like SkyActiv-X or the i6 engine. Detailed information about The new platform and 6 Mazda CX-5 engines have not been revealed

. A report at the beginning of this year said Mazda will conduct the production line of the following bridge, i6 engine in early 2022. The diesel activity is expected to be retained while hybrid models are still in the exploitation phase . Besides, the following bridging system and four-wheel drive system are expected to be provided to Mazda6
Looking to Mazda's sales, can predict the manufacturer will prioritize the upgrade to the CX-5. The CUV model is considered a "golden egg chicken" for the Japanese car company in 2020 with sales of 361,051 cars sold, despite the pandemic outbreaks fierce. Yes has the official announcement of Mazda CX-5 launch time New system. However, the new CX-5 has now entered the test phase with a recent prototype caught on the street in May this year.Video: Mazda CX-5 2022 New generation revealed.

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