Mazda Is Studying Hydrogen Fuel Rotating Engine

Japanese automaker is studying the generation of a new rotating motor to equip Mazda RX-8.0: 00/1: 15 NAMMAZDA has never stopped the intention of developing Wankel rotating engine although the company announced the route "Electrochemical" strip of its products in the future. Best Car Cars in Japan said Mazda is focusing on studying a new rotating engine line using hydrogen gas for the next generation of sports cars RX-8.MAZDA RX-8 new generation can be equipped with hydrogen rotating engine. Photo: Autoblog

.So with previous gasoline rotating engines, hydrogen gas appears to be more appropriate and has more technical advantages when applied with rotating rotor structure of Wankel engine. Accordingly, hydrogen gas can burn uniformly inside the motor rotate and improve performance performance. Detailed specifications of hydrogen rotation engine have not been revealed when the project is still in the original study phase
The Best Car, a Mazda's unnamed representative said that if the project was feasible and fully implemented, it would take about 3 years to complete. High potential new rotating motors will be combined with an electrical booster set to optimulate performance performance. May Mazda's partner in many research projects is Toyota has announced new combustion engine line Use hydrogen gas. This motor has been installed on a hatchback to run. According to Toyota, hydrogen fuel engine is hardly released to CO2 and is significantly more environmentally friendly with gasoline and oil engines. Hoang Pham

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