Mb – 21 Active Rehearsal Fighting

With the heading of the 'Air Delivery Force - Air Force with the armed forces and the Northern people, the people in the North practice fighting border, waters and heaven in the cause of construction and defense Vietnam Socialist Vietnam ', MB - 21 rehearsal rehearsal due to air defense - air troops have successfully completed the contents and plans, ensuring the actual combat, absolute safety. In 3 days (from 6 - 8/10), in the battle of Hoa Lac airport (Shanxi, Hanoi City), PK - KQ army held a command rehearsal - advised 1 side, 2 levels above the village It has a part of the North in the North in 2021 (MB - 21). Participation in the rehearsal units of the army in the Northern region such as: Division 361, 363 Division, Division 365, Division 371, Brigade 26, Brigade 28 ..

. Major General Pham Van Tinh, Deputy Priority PK-KQ army order checks the management of the sky, executing the flight at the rehearsal department. The exercise content is divided into 4 stages: Transfer the status ready to fight, organize the preparation of war fight, practice fighting, restore fighting. Interwoven the phases that transfer the status are ready to fight, the organization prepares to fight is the part of soldiers with situations of practicing enemy hitting the road without protecting the waters and the northern region; Practicing forces forces, gas attacks and attacks and manifestations of preventive war cooperation situations
.. The units have well implemented the preparation work, ensuring force, weapons, and gas, Technical equipment; building a system of proud, public, battlefields, conditions for ensuring feeding, living and picnic activities for the Ministry, party activities, political work, propaganda and anti-school activities; Organizing the practice of serious, strict rehearsal, manifesting situations in accordance with the intention of the director, achieving the purpose of requesting, closely fighting and ensuring absolute safety. The commander of agencies and units has basically grasp the order and content of the steps of commanding the battle advisor in the process of transferring ready-to-fight status, organize preparation, practice and restore war Fighting through the exercise to contribute to training, improve the comprehensive qualification for the Ministry, especially to improve the commander of the commander, the combat co-combat of the PK-KQ forces with forces aimed at Ready to manage aerial situations, on the sea, borders. At the same time as a basis for assessing, advising and proposing to the Ministry of Defense in the combat of the PK-KQ forces and continues to study, adjust, supplement, complete the plan, planning to work against Request the task of fighting the Fatherland in the new situation. News, Photo: Cao Thanh Dong

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