Mc Hot Thanh Thanh Huyen: I’m Suitable For Mc Rather Than Miss

Currently, Thanh Thanh Huyen wants to focus on the work she is pursuing. Thanh Huyen has reached the top 15 "Miss Universe Vietnam 2015". After joining the entertainment industry, she pursued the lead and is a bilingual MC that attracts many interest in the southern region.When the "Miss Universe Vietnam" contest season 5 boots, people Beautiful 9x confidently assuming the role of leading the program introducing the program. Thanh Huyen is a bilingual MC that attracts many attention

. Also at that time, many viewers recommend MC with long legs 1, 1m, a shape with a favorite face and re-exporting the beauty of the beauty. Thanh Thanh Huyen responded to fuel that she also intended to participate in a beauty contest at the right time. But when candidates "Miss Universe of Vietnam 2021" gradually revealed, she was still silent
In the latest share, Thanh Thanh Huyen said: "I find yourself appropriate to make MC more than Miss". More specifically, she turns on: "After careful consideration, I noticed my passion My MC is too big, so temporarily to temporarily want to focus on career and business rather than the beauty track. The ownership of physique, long legs or behavioral advantages is not enough to make me feel satisfied with the version The body I also wanted to achieve the higher peaks in the work of a HOA HOA job was a noble title but also had limitations because I would have to keep the image, not showing fish His character in the role of a MC on stage. That made me decide to ignore this opportunity even some regret ". Evaluation of the candidates have confirmed participating in" Miss Universe of Viet Na M "This year, Thanh Thanh Huyen commented this will be a dramatic and surprise season because the candidates are very strong, most of them are outstanding, excessively experienced. I wish you luckily. I also look forward to the official rounds of the competition. Once involved and loved this playground, I always wanted to bring the spirit and energy "Miss Universe Vietnam" to anywhere. Loving contestants as well as loved the name Thanh Huyen ". Some new images of Thanh Thanh Huyen

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