Mc Nguyen Khang Urgently Spoke About The Clip Of Charity Rice

About the clip of the lady who went to ask for a chance to chase chases is causing a stir, MC Nguyen Khang has raised a personal opinion about this incident.0: 00/3: 21 nam nam nay here, MC Nguyen Khang Share the clip of a lady to ask for charity rice to be chased. According to the male MC, it was the story of a grandmother who led the bike to apply for 3kg of charity rice but was fired. Later, the lucky instrument was helping young people to help, getting less noodles and two hundred thousand dong. Far away from the situation of the grandparents, MC Nguyen Khang Bạch: "What I feel sad and disappointed The way people treat her, only 3kg of rice, but they chased their hands, chasing her

I tried to allege my feelings but couldn't say: "Going to hire, anyone raised. 4 daughters, 5 boys, suffering ".Nam MC emotions add:" Ms. Oh, she has reached the depths of my heart and grandmother. Each year old, she must be rested to be rested with me, but why must go to work, go to charity rice? Why was the Charity Raw Rice, but still handling her hand away? "After the story of her grandparents, the whole choking remembered his time to volunteer. He was not afraid to abandon lunch and gave more gifts to those who did not come with a gift time because of their work. However, besides the number of poor people, poor households, MC also revealed he had seen some parts People "fake poverty" to receive charity goods to sell, or queue from charitable repeatedly. "I also encountered a lot of cases received and still find ways to queue again, or even receive words from Good and divided to sell. Everyone advises me: Don't play. But I think, giving away my instincts, and greedy is their nature
For whatever because they do bad things I lose my ego. So I'm still dedicated ... and I still feel happy because of that choice, "said Nguyen Khang to confess. Finally, MC originally sends charity people:" Not by letting. Hope that when doing charity, leave your enthusiasm into the gift, I have seen the tears of the poor straw of the poor two hands receiving our rice bags, because they believe they will survive Through tomorrow, no matter how brighter tomorrow tomorrow is not just a piece of food, but I also sent them both optimistic about life. "Male's post born in 1984 quickly received Get a lot of agreements, support from netizens. Some accounts share their personal views: "I also think like you, do philanthropy means it for everyone, not judging on subjective, even with greedy deceitful cases as he said, I will also do as you, causes the righteous, fair, blue sky, my job is to go away. " "The most warm also the heart of the most icy people is also a heart of a person .." Not only has the original MC for the clip about the prostitute of Charity rice to chase on the Tiktok website quickly divided by many Vietnamese stars Somerologist Truong Quynh commented: "See if you want to cry, poor people are also dignified, but also do so hurt". Trinh Thang Binh singer is pressed: "People are poor Their weighted, for 200,000 to return 100 thousand. So why do so many people do so with people, "said Bao Tram also expressed the pressing when watching the clip from the grandparent:" A few days ago watching a few clips, in his heart very uncomfortable and It is very sad that it is very sad. Really when I give, give or help anyone, or go support for those who have difficulty thinking very well before donating and supporting you to say anything, how to help How ... giving love, my heart also received a lot of love. "

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