Mc Rights Seriously Suggested Your Boyfriend Asking A Lover To Have A High Education

Get the right to spiritually online online, the boy gave the criteria for choosing a confusing girlfriend to almost lose the opportunity to date her a difficult pharmacist.0: 00/3: 12 Nam in the latest number of "Mr. Mai Dating ", MC Rights Linh will be in the form of online for her Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha (24 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) and the office worker Nguyen Van Thai (31 years old, Dong Nai). The dating is not very smooth when a girlfriend shows a fear of the age of the age and the appearance of a boy's house, but Mr. Mai Quyen Linh has run out of "support" for boys to convince his girlfriend

. The statue of Mr. Mai and the audience, Ngoc Ha is a beautiful appearance girl, active and charming. Duy only had a point that makes Mr
Mai anxious for boyfriends, which is a girl quite difficult to love in love. "I haven't experienced any love, but in love a little lack of confidence. There are also a few people noticing, but their views have not had sympathy will not give people the opportunity. I will say with people not to find out, because they are not a sample of a search. As if I opened my heart, please let people play, texting with children "- Ngoc Ha revealed.Chia's girlfriend made Van Thai boyfriend a little afraid, thinking that girlfriend was too fast. Anxiety has just opened the unfavorable, Mr. Mai Quyen Linh ends both advice: "Now try, I open my heart. Nowadays we will meet the first person who will be friends, it will be a lover, who will share the stories in life ". With the active push of Mr
Mai's boat, the air session Dating is less shy, and happier. But not long ago, the criteria for choosing the girl's girlfriend made the girl and Mr. Mai surprised and a little unhappy. According to Van Thai shared, he didn't matter about his partner's appearance, but to mind He must be a highly academic person because so aware, the treatment will be better. Not agree with this, Mr. Mai Rights Linh spoke seriously suggested his boyfriend: "It's not right, there are people who are not high but people's treatment is very good". MC Rights Linh, Van Thai boyfriend is also more open. As soon as the girlfriend's face, Van Thai has been pretty, her happily "sir". The guy is very enthusiastic to show affection and master Dynamic with the opponent. On the contrary, Ngoc Ha also spent a praise for Van Thai, but still very frankly indicating her boyfriend's "shortcomings" that makes her sense. "For the first time, I saw him very mature, The right man worth relying to rely. But a little older, with no hair "- Ngoc Ha shares. If you want to share with your girlfriend, Van Thai" Fire "immediately, don't forget to" drop " Hearing "Sweet:" Sometimes because his hair does not have a woman next to Take care should fall. You see Ha doesn't have any room, very cute, the right woman you are looking for. Yes One thing I haven't done yet Favorite daughter-in-law for her parents. Hope today has the opportunity to procession of the strawberry for her parents. "Through the unfavorable opening, with the charming of Mr. Mai Quyen Linh, the couple gradually opened more, also favored for the opponent Many compliments. Ngoc Ha also "turned on the green light" invited the guy to go home to play, causing Mr. Mai Quyen Linh from excitement. Before the decisive moment, Van Thai was very sincere to express hope Ngoc Ha will give him the opportunity to learn to learn to further. Feeling the sincerity of her boyfriend, the girl who never loved was finally opened, agreed to be with her boyfriend. The full match of the couple caused Mr. Mai Ruy Linh notable, excited to send blessings to the couple ./. Phuong Anh / Photo: BTC

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