Mc Thanh Huyen Pressed When He Was Suspected Of Jack’s Lover

Mc Dang Duong Thanh Thanh Huyen spoke before the article made her misunderstood TV - one of Jack's lovers here, on the personal page, Dang Duong Thanh Thanh Huyen posted the screenshot of the article about the girlfriend's girlfriend's Jack and release the status line: "Not a bit related" caught the attention of the online community., In the article of Thanh Huyen's photo is placed next to the TV (lover has peeled Jack) while female MC is not connected What about the wind waves. It can be seen that, in the T. V photo already wearing the same costumes with Thanh Huyen, however the writer does not recognize two different faces and think Thanh Huyen is T.V

. I don't know misunderstanding or intentionally, this person's actions make the MC quite pressed and refused to understand. Looking out, everyone expressed sympathy for Thanh Huyen, because in addition to the same dress, all were different. Some Netizen left a comment: "It's always like that I don't understand why two different people completely", "Probably at the lagoon", "Match me", "Write the wrong name
But not asking for permission, it is really boring, "" related to the dress, the image of the tites causes a lot of attention. "Dang Duong Thanh Thanh Huyen was born in 1996 in Khanh Hoa and was one of the Female MC The most sexy village holding the microphone. Beauty programs who have participated in such as: VTV's S - Vietnam program, Sai Gon 7th night of HTV9, star the world of HTV2, ... In addition to natural ways, fluent loving abilities, beautiful people also cause Note by the hot body and a bold fashion style. Also, Thanh Huyen used to have Vu Khac Tiep Lang Xe in a dinner video with Ngoc Trinh at his new mansion. The gourd said the beauty will take on the role of the main MC of Venus Secret Show - the show in the cult medicine. The boss of the female evaluation of Female MC: "Thanh Huyen own also has a very special beauty. If at the time of the past, Thanh Huyen would definitely enter the bow to be king wife, do queen
However, only afraid of Thanh Huyen do the queen will kill my frequency "Rosa: FBNV

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