Mclaren Elva Supercar Costs 40 Billion: No Hood, Not Steering

Thanks to the special design and technology, McLaren Elva supercar though there is no steering, but those sitting inside still do not have winds on the face.0: 00/2: 44 Nam Nay, the McLaren Elva supercar Unexpectedly appearing on Hanoi street to make a set of photos during the McLaren World Tour.McLaren Elva journey on Hanoi street, it can be said that Elva is not only the lightest supercar 'home' McLaren at the moment But this supercar model also makes the whole world pay attention because of the unique appearance with the "4-not" design: no shield, no windshield, no glass later, no window. This is said to be reduced Maximum entangled things, helping Elva become light and stronger. This windshield car uses a turbocharged V8 4

.0-liter engine, producing a capacity of 815 horsepower and torque up to 800 nm. Elva accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds
According to McLaren representatives, thanks to a special design through the active air management system (Active Air Management System - AAMS) for the first time Currently the world was developed by McLaren Elva to remove the front windshield without affecting those sitting on the car. With a special design, the wind will create a static 'bubble' in the car. This includes a large central suction door located above the splitter, an air hole in the front and a set of wind-oriented deflection is made of carbon fiber located on the hood, which is raised and lowered Vertical vertical.When Aams works, the wind-oriented set is automatically adjusted and can enhance up to 150mm to generate low pressure areas at the vent, the airflow is navigated with angle 130 degrees. The air is absorbed and "bend" thanks to the special design of Elva. In addition, McLaren uses a network of carbon fiber wings mounted and vertical The vapor hole of the bonnet, distributes airflow in both the front and along the two sides of the cabin. The result is, the air is transmitted and overflowed over the top of the person sitting, creating a "bong The ball is "static in the car, bringing the space" peaceful "even though there is no need to face the front. The AAMS system can also be turned off if the driver wants to be" enjoy "the sky but certainly the people sitting on Cabin will have to wear a helmet like sitting on a motorbike. McLaren Elva cars are selling to 1.69 million USD
McLaren representation also said that this company must also calculate the reserve plan to be more sessions There are windshields for Elva to validate in some mandatory markets when going to the road to have a front-driving glass (like Vietnam) .So with a non-glass version of nearly 1,300 kg, Elva with glasses Windshield is only about 20kg. This glass set has carbon fiber frame and comes with accessories such as rainwriting sensors, glass washers. The current selling price of McLaren Elva is about 1.69 million USD (approximately 40 billion VND). Hiep Hieps own a poison or super beautiful vehicle? Please share the comments, images of motorbike cars according to email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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