Mclaren’s F1 Racing Car Is Auctioned

The McLaren MP4-17D was controlled by Kimi Raikkonen racer during the F1 2002 season. RM Sotheby's auction company planned to bring McLaren MP4-17D to auction in the next few days. This F1 car was held driven by Kimi Raikkonen in the 2002 season. This car has a total of 12 times to play, including 7 times in 2002 and 5 times in 2003. The first race of the one McLaren MP4-17D with MP4-17A-06 framework is European GP takes place at the Nurburgring Racetrack (Germany), Raikkonen has finished the 3rd position after the two racers of Ferrari team

. She was in 2003, McLaren had Improvements to help the car stronger. At F1 2003, David Coulthard riders driven the car and won first class at the Australian GP.Mclaren MP4-17D 2002 designed by talented engineers in F1 village, such as Adrian Newey, Mike Coughlan Or Neil Oatley
"The heart" of the car is the Mercedes-Benz V10 3.0L engine, this engine block is capable of creating a maximum capacity of up to 845 horsepower at 18,500 rpms / minute. Special, the car Being sold as 1 of 6 McLaren F1 cars used to use West McLaren Mercedes.So stamp with today's F1 racing car, the design of McLaren MP4-17D life 2002 looks much simpler. In particular, the Halo protection framework has not yet appeared on this car. The car was drained by Kimi Raikkonen to earn an amount of 2.2-2.8 million USD. The auction will take place on September 17 / 9.Bock: Carscoops

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