The sound of the children shouted 'Mother, I'm about' doing exciting at the air in a small alley. Ms. Hoa slowly took the bike with a basket of food into the house and searched for the barbecue pack for the children. Looking at the two children eager to enjoy the fragrant barbecue pieces, she velved neighbors like happiness, and he asked to go to: 'Last balloon go to the market?'. I removed the mask of smiles in response: 'I'm all

. So she bought a lot of time to win for a few days of a distance '. (Artwork) Several today, the life where Ms. Hoa's house neighborhood seems to be slow since the city announced Implementing social ways to prevent Covid-19 translation spread
However, different from the quietness outside the street, in the house Ms. Hoa has never been even more stunted. In the living room, the grandmother was watching television, just singing in the character of a paddle. On the main door, the smalls were struggling to spit their hair deep to his grandfather and took enough things in the sky under the tank. In the kitchen, her husband Hoa was cutting chickens to make his wife cooking rice. She shared her husband for 3 meals and quickly took it into the refrigerator with a few fish bags and shrimp so that the children couldn't see. Clearly, the few days ago they claimed to eat fried chicks, which shrimp fried, she promised holidays to buy in processing but in the disease situation like this, she couldn't help but save spending. In the past year until now, due to the impact of epidemics, her husband rests more than done, and the salary she is not much, has to calculate so that the new skill passes this epidemic season. The rice was served. The big girl quickly compelled to chopsticks, and Ms
Hoa sat in the top of the pot for the whole family. Before sitting in the tray, her husband always opened a TV to eat and watch the time. He said, on social networks, people reported rampant, not knowing what was real, what was fake so to be assured, I recently watched the time to hold information about Covid-19 translation exactly. It was also his own idea for a long time, he could only watch and listen to televisions but couldn't read the newspaper as before. The children invited his grandparents, their parents eating rice. Ms. Hoa quickly picked the most delicious chicken pieces for her father, her mother-in-law as a daily routine. Cut a sip of medicinal alcohol before eating for relaxing the bones, the grandfather said slowly: - Tomorrow is the day of the death anniversary, my house doesn't go home, so I remember calling .Nghe come here Fluttering: I want to go home to play. The air of the meal is slowed down. It seems that everyone understands that can only be done when the epidemic passes through. It was only a long time, the children couldn't go where they would mention their hometown. Loving the grandchildren, the grandparents and grandparents explained: - Not only do you want to go home but there are many people who are in common. A lot of people who go to work far away, they are not only unable to return to their hometown but also to stay in quarantine, many of which are infected with Covid-19, have not even overcome the disease and forever Back in the land of the countryside In the quarantine areas, field hospitals to serve and save patients. There are parents, grandparents, loved ones who are unable to take care of the mourning, or have a person who dies because of Covid-19 when going on duty in the epidemic area, the family cannot enter the funeral. So, be healthy, reunite like this family is already happy, the grandchildren. On the television, the broadcaster sounds more fun when announcing the positive number of cure is rising Every day, in many places in the country, the epidemic situation has also been controlled, step by step back to normal life. The whole family heard it was so funny, the family meal was therefore also splashed again. Little day, the city where couple Hoa Hoa lived will run out of time to improve social ways. Thinking of here, she saw the worries like light, instead of being trust because she realized that mid-season of the disease while reunited family meals, members who care about, Love each other, even if it's a bit difficult, it's not sad.

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