Meat Chicken Sauce And White Asparagus On Weekends

Chicken cream sauce and white asparagus brings you delicious, attractive flavors like enjoying dinner at luxury western restaurant.0: 00/2: 11 south in the time of social stretching at home, you Can spend time to self-study new dishes to enrich the daily meal menu and avoid boring and boring chicken with ice cream sauce and asparagus quite simply with crispy chicken, eye-catching golden brown Contains melted cheeses. This Western dish will bring a novel taste for your dinner .____ Composition of raw materials for 2 diets: - 2 Chicken breasts, 2 slices of gouda cheese, 2 slices of ham; - 1 kg asparagus white, 1 onions; - 165 g flour, 2 eggs, 150 g fried fried powder, butter; - 80 ml of white wine, 200 ml of French sour cream, 200 ml of water; - Spices: salt, pepper, road, Peppings ._____ How to do water 1: White asparagus, onions: - White asparagus peeled, cut vertically and chopped into pieces of eating and eating

. : - Put chicken breasts on the cutting board, you put the knife across the piece of meat so that the meat is both thin and spread. After that, you wrap the meat with a meat wrapped in food and use a hammer to smash continuously on the meat surface. - After softening, you spread butter on the side of each chicken breast, put a slice of ham and side cheese In and then folded again
- 2 eggs were hit into a deep and critical plate. You dip each chicken breast into flour, followed by eggs and finally fried powder.Step 3: Cook sauce: - First, blur the butter in the pan on medium heat, put onion on stir-fry about 2 Minutes, then add wheat flour and stir. - Next, you pour wine, water and fraises in, to fit and stir well for the ingredients to blend. Finally, you wedge salt, pepper, sugar and nutmeg for eating. - When you boil, you give asparagus to enter, cover and stop small fire in about 10 - 15 minutes for rice bamboo shoots. Chicken: - First, you are in the kitchen on the kitchen, heat the butter in the fire and then give chicken breast into the sheep. Fried chicken breasts are about 5-6 minutes, you flip the flesh and fry with the same time. - Meat ripe gold, you get out of the pan and drain on a paper towel. NEWS 5: Enjoy: - Ladle white asparagus fever out of bowls, put fried chicken breasts on and decorate with little sprouts (if any) is that you have completed the dish
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