Mechanical Relaxation Exercises Should Practice Before Going To Bed And Unexpectedly Changes To Health

In fact, compared to good sleep measures such as drinking chrysanthemum tea, using essential oils, muscle relaxation exercises are often overlooked. So how to stretch your muscles before going to sleep well? 0: 00/4: 16 male content: 1. Mechanical relaxation exercises 1.1. Leaning - folding pillow1

.2. Hugging bear movements1.3
Frog posture1.4. Cobra pose 1.5. Bending posture bent down1.6. Turn the back when sitting2. The effect of pulling muscle stretching before going to sleep exercises with muscle stretching at night before going to bed is actually good for health. Not only that, muscle relaxation exercises also help practitioners go to sleep faster, and bring effective improvement in better sleep quality.1
Mechanical relaxation exercises for simple muscle relaxation exercises, perform effective effects to help people better sleep. Below is a suggestion of muscle relaxation movements to improve the quality of sleep quality for everyone.1.1. Leaning action - Pillow folding This is one of the exercises of muscle relaxation, so he helps the body to be tough, healthier and slept. The action is as follows: - Sitting on the floor then raising the right leg to side, Left legs now fold the palms so that the palm of the left foot reaches near the thighs in the right legs. Leaning up - Folding the pillow helps the trainer to have a good sleep - Internet image- Next to fold the right to the right and use two hands Take the right foot. - Perform a movement to keep this position for 60 seconds before changing the side.1.2. The bear movement for this movement has a stretching effect and helps operate rhombic and trapezoidal muscles in the back. At the same time, when implementing this movement, it helps to reduce unpleasant or shoulder blade pain due to wrong posture, inflammation of fluid, hardening caused. Slim bears are made as follows: - Stand Straight then inhaled while two hands open .- Next is breathing out, folding your arms, putting the right hand over the left and left left arm to hug myself. - Breathe deep while using the hand pull Shoulder forward. This action needs to hold 30 seconds, then relax and inhale and expand the arms back. Perform a repeatable move with the left arm to the right hand.1.3. The frog posture is as follows: - The practice person needs to sit on the floor then two feet behind the butt and use the knee to stretch to the sides. The frog is one of the muscle relaxation movements People should practice before going to bed - Internet image - Next need to put the foot of the floor, lift the butt and then go with her hands to the farthest position in front of them.- Make sure that the legs are far apart When you feel the tension in the thigh.- For this posture to keep it about 2 minutes.1.4. Cobilo posture Performing cobra posture: - To do the exercise with a tiger posture carrying a practitioner who needs to lie on the floor on the floor.- Then straighten the legs to the back, then place it Two hands on the floor are just under the shoulder.- Lifting the body from the floor by stretching the elbows. - For this movement should be kept for 2 minutes. It's extremely good for the spine - Image Internet1.5. Positioned posture bent down to perform: - To practice bending posture down, the practice people need to put their hands and feet on the floor in a wide-like position. - Next is the legs and arms needed Straighten.- After that, do the movement keeps the same with a period of about 2 minutes.1.6. Stringing on the back of the back of the back while sitting with a spinal rejuvenation effect and the muscles in the body, not only that, this posture also works to soothe the nervous system. Sit as follows: - The practice person needs to sit on the floor with two legs stretching straight forward. - Next is to fold the left knee and put the right elbow up. - Then, need to leave your left hand to the floor, on the side Behind the back and look over the shoulder on the left.- For the backside of the back when sitting should be kept in 60 seconds before changing the side and repeating the movement. Striped back when sitting with the effect of spinal rejuvenation and the muscle in the body - photo Internet2. The effect of pulling muscle stretching before going to bedrong studies for the result, the relationship between meditation movements such as: Thai extreme rights, yoga has the effect of improving sleep quality. This means When the quality of sleep is improved to improve the quality of life quality. The muscle relaxation works to improve sleep because: - Dragging thigh stretching, leg muscles that help focus Pay attention to your breath and body instead of focusing on the stressful causes of the day, helping the practitioner to have a better sleep. - Moreover, stretching also gives many benefits to health and body As follows: Helps reduce muscle strain, preventing cramps causing insomnia. Selection and implementation of muscle relaxation exercises before going to bed is a habit necessary to improve health, help practitioners Keep physique as well as reduce aches and improve sleep quality in the most natural way.

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