Meet For The First Time After 20 Months, What Is The Us And Russian Military Commander?

The highest commanders of the US and Russia military army held a 6-hour talks in Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday (September 22). This is the first meeting of the two-sided commander after 20 months from 2019.Hai Mark Milley and Valery Grassimov met in Helsinki on September 22 (Photo: Dong Phuong). According to VOA, both General Mark Milley, owner Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Valery Gerassimov, General Staff of Russian armed forces, did not disclose their talks details and give very little content in the statement after the association's statement Dam. The father of the US military by Milley's spokesman, Colonel Dave Butler includes details of the duration of 6 hours of the talks, but does not specify the contents of the two sides discussed

. The announcement of the US military only said that this meeting was the continuation of bilateral dialogues to improve the communication between military leaders in the two countries, thereby "reducing risks and conflict resilience Operation level ". America and Russia have competitive military benefits in many parts of the world, including Syria and other countries. The US and Russia have the military stationed in Syria and their active area is very close to each other
How Washington and Moscow take the next steps in Afghanistan still to wait and see. The US team is under pressure from the National Assembly in asking them to strengthen the anti-terrorist strategy to deal with the dangers Mechanical from Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal and Taliban take over the government. Total Chief of Staff of Russian Armed Forces Valery Grassimov (Photo: RIA). President Biden's authority claims that they will rely on actions Type "From outside the horizon" to conduct long-range attacks against organizations like Al-Qaeda or Islamic State (IS) claiming when they threaten America. However, in case Without the army stationed in the locality as before, it is unclear how Washington can detect and prevent terrorist attacks. After 20 years of war, US military officials were not optimistic when talking about Taliban and referring to the relationship between Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced that Moscow needs to collaborate with The Taliban government, the world's powers should consider releasing the assets of Afghanistan blocked. A Russian Delegation by Mr. Zamir Kabulov on September 21, with China and Pakistan and Pakistan's envoys to Kabul, meet the interim government leaders of the Taliban Afghanistan to discuss Regarding issues related to economy, politics, diplomacy, promoting stable peace of Afghanistan and the situation of security in the region. 9) Announcement, General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Waleri Gerassimow and My Level Mark Milley has a talks at Helsinki Finland in the construction atmosphere
According to the newsletter, one of the goals of the negotiations is to "reduce the risk of incidents in military activities". Moscow said negotiations related to the issues of "bilateral benefits" However, there is no more detailed information. After the US withdrawing from Afghanistan, Russia claims the US must take responsibility for the situation here. Moscow is concerned that after the Animal Islamic organization Taliban came to power, the Their warriors can enter the former Soviet Union field in Central Asia. Russia also warns the persecution of persecution "Islamic State" (IS) will rise and drug smuggling activities will join Increase. In addition, in a period of time, Russia and the West have organized many military exercises, causing new stresses. Mark Milley, Chairman of the US Joint Stockship Council (Photo: AP ). Currently, a common exercise of US participation and other NATO countries is held in Western Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense Ukraine announced in Kiev that the Ukrainian army and NATO 11 national army will launch another common exercise on Wednesday (September 22). This "United Forces 2021" exercises (unified forces 2021) have about 12,500 officers and soldiers participating, more than 600 military equipment sets will be used. The exercise will be conducted throughout the territory of Ukraine and will end on Thursday next week (September 30). The US media agencies show that after the US military withdraws from Afghanistan, Washington is facing With the issue of stationing station in Central Asia and anti-terrorism. Mr. Milley recently stated that one of his focus problems during his visit to Europe was to build American troops in Central Asia. Last weekend, when he visited Greece he also discussed this issue with NATO allies. However, Russia has previously expressed the opposition to the US to establish military bases in the neighboring country of Afghanistan. The two highest commanders of the US military and Russia have discussing this issue in this issue Meeting in Helsinki or not, is still unknown.

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