Meet President Brazil, British Prime Minister Enlisted The Astrazeneca Vaccine Advertisement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took advantage of the meeting with Brazilian President to advertise the Astrazeneca vaccine produced by the British-Swedish Union Pharmacy, according to Guardian. The United Nations Meeting in New York, Prime Minister Johnson There was a meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. In the meeting, British Prime Minister said he planned to travel to Brazil, but temporarily had to go back to the epidemic. "But we are working together in vaccines. Astrazeneca As a great vaccine, "Mr

. Johnson said. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Brazil Jair Bolsonaro. (Photo: Pa) Before repeating the meeting room to meet two leaders, Mr
Johnson stressed: "Thank you everyone, get a vaccine Astrazeneca". After that, he turned to President Bolsonaro and said: "I 2 doses were injected with 2 doses. Bolsonaro pointed at him, smiling and saying: "I still haven't." The Brazilian leader affirmed that he developed "great" immunity to Covid-19 after Infection by 2020.Although the New York Health Agency said the leaders have to present the vaccination certificate if they intend to dine in the house or move to the General Assembly Hall, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guter acknowledgeable unable to deny the heads of nationals that have not been vaccinated. In an event online last week, President Bolsonaro emphasized he still had no vaccination plans. "Why do I have to vaccinate. There are antibodies, right? My body's antibody is very high. If everyone has been vaccinated, I will decide my future, "he added, he Bolsonaro is the only G20 leader in public statement that has not been injected with Vaccine Covid-19.Theo Guardian, many political allies Bolsonaro affirmed that the meeting with the British Prime Minister is evidence to show the popularity of Brazilian leaders
But Brazilian opposition politicians believe that the call for immunizations that Mr. Johnson given in a meeting with a non-vaccination president is like a satire with Brazil.Song Hy (Source: The Guardian )

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