Meet The Family To Make Food ‘delicious As A Way To Do’

It is the family Mr. Nguyen Van Son and Ms. Nguyen Thi Que (Thanh Hoa City) - Food production facility branded 'Food Nguyen Que - Delicious as the way Mom as'.Video: Meeting a family of food " Delicious as the mother's way of doing ". We visited Mr

. Son's family, Ms. Que when the whole family was on the" out of the kiln ", fragrant sausage, hot and hot jobs of Ms. Que's family Starting 4:30
In the morning is the busy time, socks of the family to make sausage products, sausages, nem, rolls, severe salts ... providing clean food stores, families. Complex Covid-19 disease, to ensure in the prevention and control of epidemics, temporary catering services establishments closed, only selling goods is also the time to buy and sell online, buy goods The more it becomes necessary. Therefore, the food production facility Nguyen Que became even more busy. Looking at his hands quickly to remove rolls from the pot, carefully to remove each sausage into the bag, vacuum ... nobody Thinking that Ms
Que suffered a defect of hand from birth. From a young age, she refused the monthly assistance for people with disabilities, attempting to study and became a teacher. Currently, Nguyen Que is working at Thanh Hoa Agricultural and Rural Development College. It turns out, food business, especially her childish foods is also a "left-handed" job by love. Que cinnamon, to get the love, trust of customers, most As the parents, until today, her family also experienced many difficulties, sometimes frustrated by a failure. Going to the charm to the clean food business, Ms. Que said: Kinh job My food joint is really flagged. 5 years ago when the second son throughout the day asked to eat sausages but I was not peace of mind to buy outside. Should have made themselves for 2 small friends. Unexpectedly when posting on Facebook is trusted by many people. And starting here I have been involved in food production and trading. With the motto "Food Nguyen Que - delicious as the mother's way". I do concentrated food for children so always in the maternal's production mind, sending love to spend the best, safest for children. "The first years I only produced spontaneously and crafted paintings Hand-free time. But in the last 2 years, the sausage Nguyen Que was loved by small friends, the mother trusted more and more so I expanded our factory. Expanding more sausages (Family special spots do not cover plastic bags), rolls, cartilage, nem, sausage types ... and associated with prestigious food production facilities at Thanh Hoa City, the provinces to distribute and create more jobs for employees at the grassroots ", Ms. Nguyen Que shared. Learning time, 2 children of Ms. Que and Anh Son are Nguyen Huong Tra My and Nguyen Minh Tu with their parents. It is for children to add experiences, understand the meaning of parents' work. Not only do business, the integer production facility always aims to its production activities in the experience with children. Preschool schools have registered to participate in an experience of a sausage package, as a sausage at Nguyen Que Facility. Small friends participating in sales in the sausage stall Nguyen Que in "Small Small Market" are very excited. Ms. Que is also a member of a "small market safe". (Photo: Document) Currently, Nguyen Que Food Store (01A-63 Duong Dinh Nghe, Thanh Hoa City) is also a place to display and introduce products of members of "Small Market An Hue" - Looking forward Want to bring to kindergarten, peaceful to everyone, everyone. My family's hand, we believe that products come from kindness, sincerely will reach the hearts of consumers. Ngoc Huan - Hoang Dong

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