Meghan’s Father Shocked: Told That The Daughter ‘lied For Years’, Blaming Harry’s Son-in-law

It seems that Meghan Markle cannot end everything related to his family as she wants. Her father has just joined an interview, in which he bluntly said that his daughter was the one who lied for years'. Even Mohghan's father also blamed Harry Prince because of a little bit of anyone suspecting in 2010/2: 34 Nandong Thomas Markle, Meghan's father, has not stopped publicly criticizing his daughter. A few days ago, he said he bought commissions sent to daughter daughter on birthday, but did not get back a thank you. And now he calls his daughter "liar", even blaming that the daughter has changed itself because of the Prince Harry

. The words "crime" this shock is given when Mr. Thomas tham Family interview with British GB News channel yesterday, 12/8.cha of Meghan continued to criticize his daughter
Photo: The Sun. Here, Mr. Thomas was asked whether Meghan lied in the interview with Oprah in March. He answered immediately without hesitation: "Lie. She lied for years now ... I didn't understand why she said those things. "Don't understand", but Mr. Thomas also affirmed that, before meeting Harry, Meghan did not have a habit of saying lies
He said: "This (Mohammy lied) is since Harry appeared. Harry has an influence. " In addition, Mr. Thomas commented: "Meghan and Harry attack the world. Attending a man who was 95 years old was difficult to forgive. "Thomas said that his daughter and son-in-law" attacked the whole world ". Photo: Samir Hussein / WireImage. A lucing way, Mr. Thomas also commented: "It's embarrassing when Harry and Meghan do so. It's embarrassing for both when only a few years ago, they told me to "never talk to the press". Then both were television television ". Thomas also stressed that he didn't talk to his daughter and son-in-law since they married. Thomas said: "I lie in the hospital bed, telling you two I don't attend the wedding. Since then, both don't talk to me anymore. If your parents have to stay in the hospital, maybe you don't worry, whether you are angry at them? You don't care if they live or die? "Then he concluded:" Meghan has changed, no longer a daughter I know "Thomas does not attend the daughter's wedding. Photo: Dominic Lipinski / AP.Not just attack Meghan, Mr. Thomas also proved dissatisfied with Harry's son-in-law. He said he was "surprised" when Harry had never tried to understand his father's father. Thomas said: "I think Harry has an error. I was surprised when Harry was never sad to visit me, or ask for permission to marry my daughter ". Harry's Harry was blamed by his father. Photo: Ap.Tay is, Meghan and Harry have taken a television to attack the royal family, so that's irony, all of this member to the other member of the Meghan family on the television to attack both Meghan and Harry . Do not know when new relationships are healed, or whether ever healed or not. Please contact many sources

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