Memorial, Phung Tong Kim Quan Ni Head Likes Female Thong Tuyen Tra-bhikeless

Afternoon 1-12 (27-10-Tan Suu), at Thanh Lien Pagoda (Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province) took place Memorial and Phung Tong Kim Quan Ni Chief Thich Female Thong Tuyen, Deputy Head of Buddhist Resolution of Cam District Lam, Chief of Buddhist Buddhist Ban Chuyen. The Venerable Venerable Festival likes to pray, prove the development of Dien Khanh district; Venerable Thich Tam Phuoc, Q. The Chief of the Buddhism of Cam Lam Buddhism, and the Buddhist Buddhism of Cam Lam district, Chu Nun of the district Buddhism and disciples attended the memorial. Thich Tam Phuoc, Q. Ban Chuong Treatment of Cam Lam Buddhism Buddhism, Khanh Hoa Province Reading Article Memorials of the District Buddhist Buddhism - Photo: DNSau Ritual Memorials, Venerable Thich Vi Voluna Language Language, Fire bare; disciples performed the rituals offering the bowl of incense, Long Vi, di photo, Phung Tong Kim Quan to the Northern Cemetery Bureau, Ho Chi Minh City

. , Lang Le Thi Lang, born on June 15, 1953 in the family with the tradition of Buddhism in Xuan LoC commune, Song Cau town, Phu Yen province. Leading to Linh Son Ni Tu (Cau Da, TP.Nha Trang) Bach Ni Head likes women Tam posted as a teacher and was set for the Linh Son Ni Holders' Heads of Linh Son Ni
Charming, Master She liked the Queen of Quang Hau to offer memorial - Photo: Leadership was carried out in Sa-di-ni in 1973, Life-Rubbish-Na-Na in 1975, to 1977, aevity of Bhikkhu-stilts -ni, with the moralism likes female pia.nong 1988, a Buddhist family has given off the head of the head of the land in Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district with the vow to build an elderly for the people Phuong has a place in Buddha's study Dharma in 1991, Ni Head of the stone ceremony to build the main electricity construction stone, named Nghe Lieu Thanh Lien. In 2001, the head of the head for repairing the Chief of Electricity was more spacious, working as a house of Ni. Distributed by many disciples and executioners only. As a very simple, humble and word of harmony, always solemn laws. Nun heads always tons of disciples, they are reinstalled, living according to the lives that the Buddha has taught, encourages them young disciples to participate in the Buddhists of nuns, of the Church of the Church. Chief An Wall exchanged alarms, the Awarper Chair at 1 hour 35 minutes on November 29 (25-10-Tan Suu). Perspective 69 years old, 45 Legislative.

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