Memories Of Nurses Are Admitted To The Party Right At The Heart

Nearly half a month away from the center of epidemic but every night, the bar returns to the happy, sad memories mixed after the days of fighting, winning life for patients in Ho Chi Minh City's epidemic: 00/4: 24 NamLong Thi Hoai Thanh, Nutrition of International Faculty of Faculty, Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital on duty in the mind of epidemic56 days in the center of epidemic has urged difficulties and hardness before going, however In the face of the war here, Luong Thi Hoai Thanh, Nursing of the International Faculty of Department, Thanh Hoa Provincial General Hospital, said there must be a "steel" spirit that can overcome challenges. Among 58 y, Dr. Thanh Hoa volunteered to participate in the city supporting the city called Covid - 19 at Emergency Resuscitation Hospital Covid - 19 (Tan Phu Ward, Thu Duc City), one On 3 cases, 4 categories kept turning around continuously, medicals and doctors in the delegation as the bar was 2, 3 times compared to normal, eating rice did not know delicious, sleeplessly. Occupying the whole thoughts, the minds of people are a patient A, the patient b .

.. is in the state of the resuscitation of Covid-19 emergency resuscitation in the relay bar is considered the last stronghold for For patients with the heaviest level of treatment treatment. In order to win back to the patient's life every minute, every second must concentrate with the work
Memory has a morning and encouraged patients, encouraging and stable treatment indicators, the boundary won Life seemed to be open, then the afternoon suddenly left. Sad, pain but that feeling is not allowed to exist long. However, there are times when the bars and colleagues break in happiness when the patient is treated with recovery. Makehold, case patients. P. N. (more than 60 years old) hospitalized with a bad prognosis. Patients who work as a driving job and have been infected with translations, but this is a difficult case from being infected with Covid -19 severe levels, at the same time the patient is treating kidney failure. Special thing in this patient Back for the impressive bar, it is spirit, will, energy. Patients with particularly difficult circumstances, despite treating kidney failure but still trying to run a car to have money to take care of their families
Hospital dates, health conditions were very heavy to breathe. Although heavy, the patient did not give up, still tried to breathe, the spirit of fun, optimistic. When he became severe, the gaze was blurred, his hand trembling, but the patient still tried to take his hand every time he visited and visited the rescue, the desire to live in this patient. "The day was received Male Patients who recovered and cureed Covid -19, everyone was happy, excited, "Thanh said. In the fierce battle with Covid -19, Thanh recognizes the line between life and death, causing people We become stronger, love each other. Between patients and doctors almost no distance, "white shirt soldiers" not only treat the disease for patients they are interested in, chat, ask, encourage, even replacing the house Personal hygiene for patients with 56 days in the center of epidemic, have medicals, colleagues of the bar have been exposed to Covid but they don't falter. Treating and working as a physician's job makes it possible for the perseverance, to attempt to try their best for colleagues, because of the patients. Meet the party members in the mind of the mind, Luong Thi Hoai Thanh As the youngest child in Thai ethnic family in mountainous district as Thanh. In order to have a strong spirit of fighting in the mind of translation, in addition to the support of relatives, families, the encouragement, the spirit of solidarity among colleagues in the delegation is a source of encouragement to bars and siblings Through the difficulties, challenges, fulfilling the duties. Luong Thi Hoai Thanh.In the special business trip this time, in addition to the obsession of life and death in mind, the bar unforgettable minute happy seconds when it was honored to stand in the ranks of the Vietnamese Communist Party. "I am very excited when entering the party right at the front of the prevention and control of many difficulties in the form of online hospitals Organization, "said bar sharing. Ha Thi Mai - Nursing mother Le Thi Hoai Thanh does not unwarranted when or believing the child is entitled to the Party in the center of epidemic. In particular, when being stood in the ranks of the Party means that they have grown up, have ideals, a strong political world, so she is very peace of mindful, proud. The specialist II Le Viet Hai, deputy director Thanh Hoa Institute, Head of Doan Medicine, Doctor Thanh Hoa participated in supporting Ho Chi Minh City's epidemic, said: 59 officials and doctors Thanh Hoa since receiving tasks on July 13 until the day on 6- 9, have successfully completed the assigned tasks. The delegation participated in Curingem 2,500 severely and critical patients. "Because the hospital treatment for severe and critical patients should have created extremely large psychological pressure for the medical team and doctor. After returning, completing the isolation according to the regulations, they will continue with the duties of childhood examination and treatment ", Dr. Hai said. Dinh Giang

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