Men And Women Wearing A Slender Dress, Shining Beauty

Men and women wearing a series of waist tighteners, Ton shape. After many events, she regained her spirit, hard practicing to return to the standard measurement in the throne of 'Post-Post' in Miss Earth 2016.Theo male shared, she actively practiced, eating science and real Currently, the measures to improve health, weight ..

. safety. Currently, the number of men's body measures is 85-60-90, as the measurement she ever had to attend Miss Earth 2016 in the Philippines. That year, in addition to being the only Asian beauty present in the top 8, men and women were also honored to be officially awarded "Post Photo" - Miss Photogenic
Nam I share witnessing the loss, pain in those The past translation, making her more respite his life and health. Also participate in many exciting activities after translation as well as actively working to prepare for new projects. "Singing is a passion My great love. Music helps me to show your minds and feelings. In particular, during the dates of the disease, the music is also a spiritual dose that helps many people overcome the pain, "the beauty shared." So, men will continue to pursue a negative path Music and trying to create many products to send donations to people who love men and have beside the male children so far, "she added to the upcoming music goal. In the new set of photos, Than Thai Rang The one with the auspicious face of the South I received a lot of praise. Vulted many events, and stumbling from myself in the past helped men have enough experience and much more mature. Nice has a large number of fans, which is also the motivation for Tien Giang girl to strive every day. Photo: Ocean

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