Men Are Not Property For Sisters To Jerk, Jealousy

After a jealousy, if I kept my husband, get my father's father, do you have a man's heart, and most of the respect for each other? 0: 00/3: 22 Nadlands remember An expensive detail in the movie played by actress Julia Roberts. In the movie, she plays a portrait photographer. During the work with a writer she had never known, the feelings of the two people with the same soul made them swept into a strange kiss. Suddenly don't lead to the bodies Meat is closer but since then, between them has a special link, it is difficult to call. It will have nothing if the writer is not living with lover

. He and her lover also have an undeniable love. Between them there are also compensation and attracting each other. However, after the kiss between the two strangers, the feelings of the writer and the photo of the photo were increasingly silently blooming
The lover of his writer didn't know anything about this relationship until she was himself Introducing to take pictures here. Of course, she discovered the relationship between the people he lived for years with the female worker not because the couple suddenly kissed each other again. Only by observing the paragraph The conversation is very short and it seems very clear between 2 people, with his sophistication, she realizes that the female worker is a woman who got his lover's heart last time. Do not show any attitude An angry with enemy love, but at a moment in the middle of the photo shoot only 2 women, she fell tears. It was the tears of jealousy, of suffering when a woman played Currently her husband has emotion with another woman. I suppose, the film's director was very excellent when taking the tears of the woman hurt to hide in there many things. It is her respect for lover, for her herself and for their own love. Will a woman fall into feelings when betrayed? Like any other ordinary people, she can suffer, angry, desperate, even hatred. But what should women do when they are betrayed? There is nothing more clear than withdrawing his legs from that relationship, if emotions are no longer from both sides. Vietnamese netizens are no longer strange with these The jealous screen clogs a street, causing a stir of public opinion for a few days later
The image of the woman rushing to rush the hair, tear the clothes, hit the dust bag into her "honey" immediately shared everywhere. The person is sympathetic, who is mocked, shocked. Does this jealous woman still consider my men to be half of the relationship need to be the most voluntary, not forced? Or do they just consider that men who are a property we need to keep your child, for your woman's honor? Then if I keep my husband, get my father, whether you hold left Heart man, and more is respect for each other? After all, the bitterness, hatred back to hurt the most woman. The lover of the writer mentioned above is also a lovely woman and great expectations about the profound in termite their relationship. But when I discovered my partner was spending an affection for another woman, she was silent waiting to see where that relationship was going to go, whether their love had the opportunity to continue . But soby she did not take any action to waste the female worker or lover. Because she respects their feelings and his own. Finally, even though the writer and the photographer cannot reach each other, she still chose to leave her man. Because they are no longer in harmony with each other anymore. She left because she did not consider him a property that others didn't use it would belong to themselves.

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