Men In Ho Chi Minh City Are Frustrated Because They Do Not Cut Hair After 4 Months

'Sometimes, hair is blown in front of the fragrance. I have to use elastic strings. Although there is a bit inconvenient, I will still wait for all the way of stretching the way and out the hair salon ', Chris Vu.00: 00/5: 05 NAMNong people people in Hanoi are going to cut hair after a social way of relaxing socially, The rule of "craving" when he looked into the mirror to review his hair. Hcm is still in the stage of tightening the way

. Untest service activities are temporarily suspended for years now. Zing Chat with 5 boys who are living and working in Ho Chi Minh City to record long "reluctantly" hairdressing experiences during the break. "Head heavy like a crow" Quan Qing (26 Age, Binh Tan district) The local area is probably hair loss, so after shampooing, I often use additional loss and hair growth products
Besides, I went to beauty salon every 2 weeks to trim your hair. I didn't deny myself for a lot of time and effort to look neatly. Now now, my head is as heavy as a crow. Normally I washed my head only 5 minutes as dry hair but now, I waited for a while that the side of the legs was still wet. Long hair leads to tiny acne. It is always in a messy state, hair styling is not possible. The hair of preceding the front bar (left image) and the following (right) season. Photo: NVCC. I feel admiring long hairdresses from year to month. If I am, I have given a long time
Looking for you in Hanoi hair cutting, I think I don't do it myself in Ho Chi Minh City. Many times I wish only to close my eyes, opening my eyes to wake up to walk away. Although it costs a few hours of waiting at the hair salon, I am also satisfied. The haircut at the season of the season also has many difficulties coming from online purchase, orders are often canceled. 2 weeks ago, I put the trimmer on an e-commerce page. So far, the goods are still not back. I didn't expect much. I hope that I can wait when the translation and the haircut will not count twice the money for this "crows" head. "Having to wear the headband to compact the hair" Japan Duy (29 Age, Binh Thanh District) More than 5 months Work From Home, I craved everything in the world, from early morning running appointments to the movie, eating and drinking coffee with friends,. .. Above all, I remember the feeling of a haircut. I am naturally curly. The hot season, I will style the Undercut and swipe the top of the top of the glue. The advantage of this type is a quick dry shampoo and only need 1 minute to comb the hair compact before going out. Even without brushing, my hair also went into the fold. The only intended to raise long hair and narrowly in the time of waiting for the barber to open the door. Photo: NVCC. But it's just right when I go to cut hair regularly every month. Hour hours longer than before. At home work or exercise, sweat made hair and itching. I have to wear the headband to do hair. When she washed her head, I also took a drying for dryness, so the new hair was not ruffled for the past years, for the first time I saw such a strange Ho Chi Minh City. Coffee shop, restaurant, all entertainment activities closed. Buyers can only put delivery via the app. Maintaining a daily life rhythm is still difficult, I have not dare "dreams" will be taking a hairdresser in tomorrow. "Must use the hair tie tie" Chris Vu (25 years old, District 7) withdrawing experience from the distance Last, I enlisted the haircut before the day "closed". But the situation of translation is increasingly complicated, I don't expect the time at your home to last longer than expected. 4 months have passed from the last time I went to the "intestinal" salon on Le Thi Rieng. I remember the sound of the trimmer of the worker, remembering the feeling of glossy hair, stroking the glue .chris dance expect all the epidemic to get a haircut. Photo: NVCC. In the present, my hair was shoulder. Because the weather these days are quite hot so the care becomes more difficult. Weak and easy-to-fall hair. Sometimes, the hair is blown in front of the fragrance. I have to use the elastic band. There is a bit inconvenient, I will still wait out of the way and out a hair salon. Because I don't believe in yourself or anyone else to cut yourself. Hope that the epidemic early passes, we can maintain daily activities without worrying much. "Fear of hair damage so do not dare to cut" Nguyen Duy (24 years old, Thu Duc City) for nearly 3 months , I do not trimmed hair ears because Ho Chi Minh City paused some uninterworthy business activities.Do was used to a short hairstyle, I was uncomfortable when my neck was not neat. Normally, every 3 weeks or only 1 month I will go to the familiar salon. The last time Nguyen Duy Haircut is over 3 months ago, he wondered when it could be a haircut. Photo: NVCC.Dao around Facebook Friends, I saw many people actively purchased tools like pulling, trimmer to "down hair". Really, I am very afraid of broken your hair so I don't dare to cut themselves. After all the epidemic, I definitely have to go to the shop by adjusting a little bit. "Girlfriend wants to cut the hair for me to worry." (26 years old, District 7) as well as other young people, I work from home from the way you want. Because of the nature of work, I often meet with customers via

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