Mercedes-amg Gt Black Series Offers Vietnamese Giants To 18 Billion

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is being offered by private agents to be a perfect piece for Mercedes-AMG GT in Vietnam when a standard, convertible, GT S Edition, GT R and GT R Pro.Mercedes-AMG GT is the successor version of the famous bird door supercar Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. In July last year, the automaker from Germany launched a new version and could easily help customers to conquer the fastidious tracks, the car we wanted to talk about is Mercedes-AMG GT This Black Series 2021. This Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar will be a perfect puzzle for Mercedes-AMG GT in Vietnam when a standard, convertible, GT S Edition, GT R and GT R Pro. It is interesting that a supercar specialist in Hanoi has offered Vietnamese giants 1 of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series rare goods

. This Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar is a car dealer There is a famous voice in North Carolina, USA offers with a meter meter clock of 49 miles, equivalent to 79 km, so almost as Mercedes-Amg GT Black Series is a brand new car. Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in the US is from US $ 339,000 (equivalent to VND 7.7 billion) but the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar is offered a Vietnamese giant with a price to sell up to $ 800,000 (equivalent to VND 18 billion)
, 1 terrible numbers for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. The prize for this unbelievable price is that the car company from Germany will produce Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series limited by year and outside Out, this is the highest peak model of the Mercedes-AMG GT, so the restriction of production will help increase the value of the vehicle as well as make customers crazy and plunge into purchase. C Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar "rows" Vietnamese giants with red paint Amg Magma Beam super expensive with price up to $ 9,900 (equivalent to VND 225 million). In addition, the exterior of the car also has dozens of carbon details Create a highlight as well as a significant weight loss vehicle. Looking outside the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series easily inspired by the racing car's design Mercedes-AMG GT3, Also is the V8-Biturbo engine, producing a maximum capacity of 720 horsepower, much stronger than Mercedes-AMG GT R or Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO appeared in Vietnam.Mercedes -Amg GT Black Series still owns V8, Biturbo, 4.0-liter capacity pumps with a maximum capacity of up to 720 horsepower, higher than 143 horsepower than the Mercedes-AMG GT R.. Great on Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar increased by 100 nm to 800 nm. The same new power on the most wild supercar Mercedes-AMG GT is a new 7-speed dual-clutch sports gearbox, thus , Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar has accelerated from the starting position to 100 km / h in just 3
1 seconds before reaching the maximum speed of 325 km / h. on the market, Mercedes- AMG GT Black Seri ES is the opponent of Lamborghini Huracan Sto supercars, Ferrari F8 Tributo, McLaren 765LT or Aston Martin DBS Superlegger, but the selling price is quite high and present, being shouted in the sky. 18 billion VND when it comes to Vietnam, this Mercedes-Amg GT Black Series will have to meet a giant who really loves the luxury sports car series of "3-star stars", by spending this amount they have Used by supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren used in the Vietnamese market.Video: Mercedes AMG GT Black Serie Machine V8 is the strongest AMG history.

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