Mercedes-benz G-class Electric Version Will Debut In September

The concept of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class powered (EQG) will officially launch in September. The car has a standard exterior design of the G-Class standard (00/2: 14 nammercedes-benz domain Introducing the G-Class converted model at the IAA Mobility exhibition in Munich, Germany, taking place on September 7. According to AutoCar, this concept will have the same style as the production version, similar to the Concept Vision EQS before. Mercedes-Benz EQG EQG electric SUV has a normal external g-class.So with Generation G -Class Currently, the electric car model has a similar design, because the square shape has become a symbol of this car for 4 decades

. The difference is located in a new one-piece grille, new design wheels and unique lamp clusters to make a difference with the normal G-Class version.Theo Mbpassion, EQG template (the name of the G-class runs power) Will not be built on the EV platform, instead it uses the same chassis like the current G-Class. This is also applied on other EQ electric vehicles such as EQA (GLA), EQB (GLB) and EQC (GLC)
However, this framework will be upgraded to match the lithium-ion battery pack 107, 8 kWh shared from EQS, it gives the range of up to 770 km when fully charged.Mercedes-Benz promises the new model still maintains impressive off-road capabilities. Currently, Mercedes-Benz has registered labels EQG 560 4MATIC EQG and EQG 580 4MATIC. Both versions are equipped with standard 4-wheel drive system, with dual electric motor configuration. The power level is predicted about 516 horsepower and 855 nm torque. All EQG variants are high-class, the car will not have a standard version with simple specifications. Technology, amenities Inside the vehicle are shared with other EQ models, including large central screen and MBux entertainment system. Do not maintain a typical appearance, Mercedes-Benz EQG is still kept Impressive off-road power. Mercedes-Benz's development engineer, Jürgen Eberle shared that the company will still focus on developing traditional terrain models. Mr
Eberle also said the Concept EQC 4x4 has proven that electric cars are fully afford to go to terrain. Although produced in a lot of numbers, high price, Mercedes-Benz G-Class has also been Touch a milestone of 20,000 units. Very likely, Mercedes-Benz EQG will cost a higher price than the normal G-class. Huynhngu: Paultan

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