Mercedes-benz G-class Is Carbon Package Costs Over $ 300,000

Kahn Automobiles also turned to Kahn Design, recently, introduced the latest products - the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Carbon Wide Track Edition. The G-Class Carbon Wide Track Edition said exactly What this car is equipped - a series of accessories made from carbon fiber.Mercedes-Benz G-Class Carbon Wide Track Edition has a price of 224,999 pounds (equivalent to 309,635 USD or VND 7.06 billion) .Products The latest this time is designed based on the G 63 4matic, but is added with carbon fiber grille, front bumper, lower front wind slit, enlargement of carbon fiber muddets and of course coating On the lid of the lyrics is also made of carbon fiber

. The wind wings on the roof separates double blurred black. Kahn Type 57 blocks are up to 23 inches and Continental SportContact 6. In addition, customers also have additional exhaust system options with exhaust pipes with 100 mm
With the cabin, the interior package Designed specifically with Red Bengal Red tone combined with Alcantara leather material, however customers can also ask their custom designers according to their wishes. Although upgraded to relative designs Much but the engine has no change. Strong still comes from the Biturbo V8 4.0 L AMG engine producing a capacity of 585 horsepower at the 6,000-rpm and 850-nm torque at the rotation of 2,500 to 3,500 rpms / motor is combined with 9-speed automatic transmission Speedshift TCT 9G and 4Matic amg four-wheel drive system with this power, the car has the ability to accelerate from 0-100 km / h In just 4.5 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 240 km / h thanks to the AMG Driver's Package package. The suspension system includes the dual blow axis in the front, replacing the solid axis Front and back on the old version. Behind the back is still preserved but currently controlled by four arms and a panhard bar. The features dedicated to AMG models are also added as dampers Adaptive AMG Ride Control and Gear Rent System, Teeth Te Te Te Ty of AMG. Founder of Kahn Automobiles - Afzal Kahn said: "The G-class is the ideal foundation for us to express concerns Co-operative with its Continental partner ". The Continental 6 tires of Continental tires are extremely effective for stinging, processing and braking
Choosing quality high-performance tires is paragraph, and we are real Celebration When Continental Selecting Project Kahn G-Class is a means to equip SportContact 6 "British British / VOV.Vn tires according to Paultan

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