Mercedes-benz ‘landed’ Into The Tram Market

The continuous introduction of EV electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz clearly demonstrates the electrochemical strategy in very close time. ). The German carmaker also plans to introduce a total of 130 models of electric vehicles. The German car has a plan to introduce a total of 130 electric vehicle models not only in the ears, if we look at the past, we will see these Step preparing for Mercedes-Benz's "electrochemical" plan 2010, Daimler has studied EV commercial vehicles. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz invests 20 billion in buying cell battery, establishing a battery production network Global consists of 9 factories in 3 continents

. The first factory in Kamenz was mass produced and the second factory there began production in early 2019. Two more factories will be built in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, a factory at the Sindelfingen location of The company, and a factory in locations in Beijing (China), Bangkok (Thailand), Tuscaloosa (USA) and Jawor (Poland). It is also understandable, when Mercedes offers 700km for each charge
Mercedes will produce a wide range of electric vehicles in 2018 - 2019, a series of commercial vehicles delivered to customers' hands. Public bus systems using ecitaro, Eactros trucks have also been handed over to customers' hands. Amazon Germany or Hermes are the customers who use Mercedes-Benz's electric transport vehicle: Vinh Nguyen by THAT, 32 minutes ago

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