Mercedes-benz Series Is Stopped Selling Version 2022

Almost all cars using the car's V8 engine to Mercedes-Benz in the US market will be stopped selling version 2022 because the supply chain is broken. Mercedes-Benz has not announced the cause of this Decision.00: 00/03: 42 New, the company to Mercedes-Benz has confirmed to stop selling the production version in 2022 of a series of cars in the US market. This will definitely be sad to those who love Mercedes-Benz models V8. This information was originally spread on the Reddit forum and show the 3-wing trademark confirmed with the reporter sheet Detroit Bureau

. According to Mercedes-Benz, almost all of the company Mercedes-Benz 2022 V8 cars in the US market, including AMG C63, AMG GLC 63, AMG E63, GLE 580, AMG GLE 63, AMG GLS 63, GLS600 Maybach, G550 and AMG G63, are stopped selling version 2022. Only a few models of V8 cars such as Mercedes-Benz S580, Mercedes-Maybach S580, C63, GLS 63, S 63 Coupe, S 63 Cabriolet, AMG GT And SL 550 Roadster is produced version 2022.Many Mercedes-Benz models using V8 engines like Mercedes-AMG G63 will be stopped producing Mercedes-Benz without announcing the specific cause of this decision
However, in the document sent to the agent of the car company to Mercedes-Benz, it can be seen that the cause is due to a global supply chain fault. "Mercedes-Benz prioritizes focusing on compliance with global requirements , Exterior and internal, as well as several other factors but the supply chain is limited influenced the provision of product catalogs in many markets, "German brand writes in documents leaked. In addition, Mercedes-Benz also said they are "looking for every opportunity to overcome the challenges as quickly as possible" and will work with agents as well as customers to "minimize any inconvenience because of love The postponement of the car delivery ". Mercedes-Benz's report is quite vague but can guess the problem originating from the global semiconductor chip crisis. Whatever the cause is Mercedes-Benz, the agent has also asked the agent to stop selling V8 models and informing the guests who are unable to deliver the plan. -Benz in the US market will last for how long. It is not yet confirmed that this is only a temporary situation. It is possible that this situation also affects the Aston Martin brand that uses the engine of Mercedes-Benz. Currently, Aston Martin models such as Vantage, DB11 and DBX use V8 engines produced by Mercedes-Benz.

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