Mercedes-benz’s’ Super Screen ‘hyperscreen’ Has 25 Years Ago

MBUX Hyperscreen is the most modern and largest infotainment system in Mercedes-Benz's history. However, few people knew that this 'super screen' was derived from the Mercedes-Benz F200 Imagination concept in 1996.The village in October 1996 in Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz F200 Concept Last minute Considered as a "fictional" car because the carrier said the F200 operates depending on computers and technology, the driver can easily order the car, including acceleration, braking, driving and reversing Cars. Computer on F200 will collect information (speed, wheel speed, engine, road surface condition .

..) from different sensors to choose the right handling direction. Things on, Mercedes-Benz F200 Concept is equipped with giant screen stretching with the dash consists of digital gauges, smart computers, rearview cameras, navigation systems, radio, CD players and This Mercedes-Benz F200's phone call can also connect the network to complete the remote transactions
In addition, the F200 also comes with the active chassis control feature, voice recognition, glass in / fuzzy with a touch button ... It looks like German car company has based on the screen of F 200 to create " Super screen "Hyperscreen on modern Mercedes today, including Mercedes-Benz EQS 2022 - Pure version of S-Class.Mbux Hyperscreen on Mercedes-Benz is the most modern entertainment system and The largest in the history of the car company to Germany, including 3 digital screens - one for digital tools, one for the entertainment function and one right in front of the secondary seat. This is equipped with eight-core processors and 24GB of RAM, and runs on the latest generation MBux software with the voice control "Hey Mercedes" .Video: Introducing MBux Hyperscreen on Mercedes-Benz EQS 2022. Thao Nguyen

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