Mercedes, Bmw Must ‘sweating’ With A Korean Model That Has Just Been Revealed: Losing On Both Comparisons!

Model from the young brand has anything to confront two big german german? 0: 00/1: 57 nam nuoi nam, Korean car company Genesis revealed the image of the Genesis G80 Sport 2022 sports version. Version This sport will continue to confront the AMG sports line of Mercedes or BMW's M-Performance line. Total car design changes a lot compared to the old version from 2018, most clearly on the front. Instead of owning shiny metal heat grille, Genesis G80 Sport sports version will equip sports chrome plating grille with dark sport, luxurious but equally fused. The car is equipped with sports wheels 20 inches with unique designs, accompanying black or red brake shackles

. Specific information about the car will be announced in the near future, but can judge the 3-inch 3.5-liter V6 engine voltage The car will not have many changes, except to increase capacity from 375 horsepower to about 400 horsepower. However, what makes the most different car is equipped with rear axis, very large support Operate at both low speed and high speed
Mercedes E450 2021 and Genesis G80 2021 in Car and Driver's comparison. Photo: Car and Driver in the article comparing the usual version 2021 of Genesis G80 models with the same Mercedes E450, the famous car magazine Car and Driver rated Korean cars to win. The result of the comparison of AutoGuide With BMW 540i 2021, there are also results that continue to lean about G802NESIS G80 2021 and BMW 540i 2021 in the comparison of AutoGuide. Photo: AutoGuideNgay in the regular version, Genesis has obtained reviews and reviews 'wings' from experts. Based on that platform to develop Genesis G80 Sport model, which has a basis for making The 'big man' in the segment must be 'sweating' when this model debuted in the future.Genesis is Hyundai's child brand, only separated as a private brand since the end of 2015. with the city Setting a private brand, Hyundai wants to build luxury models of flat-core competitions with rivals from major brands in the world, 'floating' is Mercedes and BMW.Minh Duc

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