Mercedes Stopped Investing In Hybrid Plug-in Technology To Reduce Costs

Instead of continuing to invest in Plug-in Hybrid technology, Mercedes will focus on developing pure electric vehicles to save costs 9: 00/1: 37 Nandong Markus Schäfer, heads Mercedes's development said, Mercedes will stop investing in Hybrid plug-in technology. At the same time affirming, the use at the same time 2 driving on a car is very complicated and is a weakness. However, the biggest weakness of this technology is the big cost. Mercedes Amg Project One. (Photo: Carscoops) However, this does not mean that the new Mercedes PHEV cars will never appear

. Investments have spent, Mercedes will continue to use. For example: AMG PROJECT ONE or GT 63 E PERFORMANCE has recently been introduced recently shows that the company's Hybrid plug-in is still potential.Mercedes GT 63 E Performance
(Photo: Carscoops) Mercedes GT 63 E Performance model is equipped with a dual turbocharged motor V8 4.0L with the electric motor in the back bridge. This hybrid system provides a total of 831 horsepower and 1,400 nm torque, which helps the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 316 km / h, fuel consumption is 8.7 liters / 100 km. However, before the movements of automobile manufacturers are investing heavily on pure electric vehicles, while the company has just poured money into battery technology development Then Mercedes terminates the development of plug-in hybrid cars to focus on electric vehicles that are completely reasonable. Please share photos, information about motorbike cars according to email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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