Mesmerizing The Season Of The Ya Crater

Although it is known for several years, the volcanic volcano posted Ya has become the most attractive destination for Gia Lai, attracting very crowded tourists at the end of the year when he knelt in the hatchery. Log Ya is located 30km northeast of Pleiku city, in the commune area of the same name, Chu Pah district. On the way here will go through the famous T'nung Lake's landscape of Gia Lai province, when "Pleiku eyes are filled with" in the middle and how the volcano is only 20km of sugar. This is considered to be the golden road, the most important tourist destination of Gia Lai province today, with the fullest tourist destinations including the lake sea, the road of Nghia Hung commune, tea hills, Buu Pagoda Minh, coffee shields .

.. with the most beautiful highlights are the volcano to post ya. Although it is known for several years, but the volcano of Chu Lang Ya has become the most attractive destination Gia Lai, attracting a large number of special visitors at the end of the year when he knelt at the end of the gold blooming Both the mountain
Theo Jrai people living in Ia Gri village at the foot of the mountain, Chu Lang Ya translated in the dialect means "wild ginger". This is a dead volcano, dating back millions of years and has stopped spraying lava for a long time. What is especially its shape, from ahead or from above, Chu Lang Ya shaped like a basin, a huge funnel. Its heart is the fertile red basal soil, the result of the lava layer accumulates millions of years ago. The main layer of Bazan red soil has made a grass here all year round green, the crop is not watering, weeds are wild and wild in the world. Animals around here, from long-standing green trees, mop grass hills, immense-tailed grass ... or as in the jars, are jrai cultivators growing corn, potatoes, pumpkin, dong Rieng .
. as a food source. And until November, 12 of the mountain will turn yellow by huge carpets, from the mountain ring, the road to the mountain, the flowers are on the mouth "the basin", on the mouth of the huge funnel ... all are a kneeling. The kneeling in Gia Lai is there, too much but not the thick, beautiful and unique as the volcanic Chu Lang Ya. In the past two years, it is known to be a flower festival in Chu Lang Ya to advertise local tourism as well as increase income for indigenous people in Ia Gri village. Festive content as well as tourism activities are still unique, unregulated as expected as well as potential available. Samples still have many incidents, there are many beautiful images or noisy, littering of the people ... But in exchange, the name of the volcano Chu Lang Ya has been known by the country, the red dirt roads have been replaced by a flat-made concrete road around the foot of the mountain, people Native has begun to have additional income from tourists. Chu Lang Ya really brought visitors the memorable, new experience, from the scenery to local people, especially for those who always love the wild nature of the Tay Nguyen land. Remote or from above, Chu Dang Ya shaped like a basin, a giant funnel.Hoa kneeling on both sides of the road at the foot of the mountain leads to the volcano.Du Development has "turned" the children Red dirt road Magn muddy into flat plastic roads.Hoa or kneeling as a plant in the daisy family, wild and very popular in the Central Highlands, places with cool climate. A corner Crater of the Chu Dang Ya looked from above, with brilliant yellow patches. The hills of the cast volcano, on the mouth of the giant "funnel". Giant green animals on the road climbing The top of the mountain, passing through the cultivation fields of people's food. The trees here do not need to be green well all year round. The landmark of volcanic peaks. This is a lava base dating back to millions of years, weight up to two tons, found in this volcano themselves, has been set up by the government and people of the IA Gri village as a symbol. From the top of the mountain Through the canopy of the kneeling is the village of Ia GRI Village below.Children Ia Gri Village at the foot of the volcano already knows the end of the United States made into the top flower crown for visitors. Clean up the mountain peak of indigenous people. The people in here are the JRAI ethnic group. The deep volcano in the village also has a hundred-year ruins of the old church H'Bu (Ha Gau), after the time of the bell tower and a part ahead of the cathedral. Jrai around the area still came here to offer flowers and pray daily. According to Ha Du / People's newspaper

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