Messi Burst Into Tears After Making A Hat-trick, Breaking The Scoring Record Of ‘football King’ Pele

The Superstar Lionel Messi was unable to repress the emotion when setting up a hat-trick into the Bolivia net, thereby breaking the scoring record at South America's 'Football King' Pele.Messi set up hat-trick into the net Bolivia. Next Bolivia in the 9th round of the 9th round of World Cup 2022 in South America, the Argentine team to play with a 4-4-2 diagram with the striker Messi Messi Martinez on the goods. The Premier League consisting of Lo Celso, Martinez, Bendia, Romero did not attend this match due to a quarantine to play again at the club. Meanwhile, Bolivia clearly revealed the Defense toy when using the 5 defenders and 3 central midfielders

. When the opening whistle rang, Bolivia immediately retreated to the home field. Play is not afraid to collide to prevent Argentina's public goods. However, this strategy of the visitors quickly bankrupt with the shine of Messi
Nay 14 minutes, the superstar who joined PSG goes to the ball in the middle before launching the reinstreamline of the 16m50 hit Pair goalie Carlos Lampe to open the match scoring. With a lead desk, the home team actively reduced the pace of the match, mainly focusing on holding the ball.The minute 27, Bolivia's grid once again shook but the referee did not acknowledge a goal when striker Lautaro Martinez was staying in the offside. Argentina added some delicious opportunities to eat but did not record a goal in the first half of the Argentina who burst into tears after officially breaking the record of Pele.Phin 66, a combined product made by Messi and Martinez. These two strikers have given up as a non-human being between a "forest" of Bolivia defender before Messi finishes the score to make the score 2-0 to bring the No. 10 shirt of Argentina to complete the hat-trick 89 minutes with the icefill in the goalkeeper Carlos Lampe could not help you successfully block Leandro Paredes. With 3 goals scored in this match, Messi officially crossed the legendary Pele Left scoring at the team level in South America with 79 goals. The previous record of "football king" was 77 goals. Notably, Messi needs 152 matches to achieve this achievement, while Pele only needs 92 appearances for Brazil
Too emotional with his new record for the national recruitment, Messi burst into tears while answering the interview after this match. After this match, Messi will immediately return to France to the army with PSG. Argentina built a second place in the World Cup 2022 region in South America with 18 points, more than the third largest team was Uruguay 3 points but kicked less than a match (because the match against Brazil was postponed earlier). Meanwhile, Bolivia is standing the penultimate position with only 6 points and certainly no more opportunities to compete for the World Cup ticket.

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