Messi Dissatisfied Pochettino’s Decision

Superstar Messi was frustrated by Pochettino offered by PoChettino in Paris Saint-Germain's 2-1 victory over Lyon at Ligue 1.0: 00/1: 49 NameNeymar dominated while Messi has not found a good performance Best. Photo: Getty The Argentine star also ignored the offer of Mauricio Pochettino's hand. PSG made a match with "divine trio" Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe on public goods but all three strikers did not really impress.Pochettino cut short debuted at Messi's home at 75 minutes, in a effort The force changes everything and it has succeeded when Mauro Icardi entered the field from the bench scored the decision-winning goal

. The Argentinian star is replaced by 75 minutes. Photo: Gettyanh showed unhappy with the coach's decision Pochettino. Photo: GettyTuy Messi was very uncomfortable with Coach Pochettino
"I ignored the offer to shake hands with coach with coach with a wrathful look, like Pochettino couldn't believe he had sacrificed a lot for the Fighting," The Sun commented. The Argentina player is struggling In order to stabilize the accommodation, since he moved to Paris and was still looking for a nutrition to settle long-term. In this first battle, everything did not take place as plans when the PSG's luminous trio lacked ability Coordinated in attacks. Along with that, Mbappe was not scored by the scorer in three courses. He could not help PSG win against Club Brugge in the middle of the week , despite the participation of two stars Neymar and Mbappe on workers.Messi followed the match from the bench. Photo: Getty in a difficult night, Icardi suddenly shine minutes to score minutes to help PSG reverse. The first 1-1 goal was recorded by Neymar in the 66th minute, Messi's performance seemed a bit slightly slowed after a busy summer since the end of Argentina gianh 2 Copa America championships. Along with not much time preparing before the season, Messi has not found a feeling on his feet in the French capital. Later next week, PSG will continue Manchester City in the Champions League arena
Both Messi and Pochettino have to find a difference to bring the team to play properly with their true potential.

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