Messi ‘eat’ The Record Of ‘football King’

Hat-trick goal go to the mesh Bolivia morning 10/9 help Lionel Messi break the scoring record of 'football king' Pele.Messi over the scoring record of 'football king' Pele.Messi becomes a multi-player The most goals for a South American national team with 79 goals in Argentina's shirt. Preferred the scoring in the 13th minute on the 13th minute on MONUMENTAL ANTONIO VESPUCIO Liberti in the framework of World Cup qualifying World Cup 2022 area South America, helping Messi balance a record of 77 goals of 'football king' Pele for Brazilian recruitment. The goal raised the score to 2-0 (64 minutes) and a 3-0 winning table (minutes 88) for Argentina, helping Messi has a total of 79 tables at the national team level

.Messi scored 79 goals after 153 matches of Tango's homeland team, including 34 goals in friendly matches, 13 goals in Copa America , 26 goals in the World Cup qualifiers and 6 goals in the World Cup. In 79 tables with 7 hat-tricks (21 goals) that the owner of 6 golden balls in turn burned to the grid of Swiss, Brazilian, Guatemala , Panama, Ecuador, Haiti and Bolivia This morning.Messi also broke the scoring record at the World Cup qualifiers in South America with 26 goals, more than 1 table compared to Luis Suarez close friend for Uruguay
-Then, Messi is still poorly recorded for a South American team of MARTA duo (109 tables) and Cristiane (96) desk for Brazilian women. Private category for men and people ranked third After Messi and Pele are the contemporary Brazilian star Neymar with 68 tables. The PSG payroll is currently holding the Argentine shirt with 153 matches.Messi first rushed to Argentina and was released on the pitch in the match Friendship with Hungary on August 17, 2005.After 5 times to finals the final tournament of the national team (4 Copa America and World Cup 2014), Messi only steps on top of glory when Argentina enemy Copa America 2021.

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