Messi Has Not Yet Been Registered For Psg

Superstar Lionel Messi will not be present in the match between PSG and Brest in the 3rd round of Ligue 1 season 2021 / 22.02: 00/0: 00 nam nuThai 20/8 (Hanoi hour), PSG announced the list of players posted Signing a match against Brest. Messi, players are waiting for many fans, have not yet been filled by coach Mauricio Pochettino. 10 days have passed since Messi debut PSG, this striker has not yet been registered to play even healthy And regularly practice with the new team. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was filled in the name of the registration list

.Messi continued to be absent for Donnarumma for the first time to register at PSG. Photo: PSG.In the press conference before the match, coach Pochettino also talked about Messi's condition: "We will consider Messi's status, before making a decision
Everything with Messi is positive. He practices Practicing quite well and fast adaptation ". In the match against Brest, PSG can launch a rookie 3 rookie, Donnarumma, Hakimi and Wijnaldum. In it, Hakimi and Wijnaldum had 2 appearances from the head in Ligue 1. The rest of PSG's soldiers was Sergio Ramos still unodified injury. The Spanish midfielder meets the problem of calves and may have to take a break about 20 days. After a break, veterans like Marquinhos, Marco Verrati, Angel Di Maria, will come back and can Go to the field from the beginning. Meanwhile, Neymar, Paredes and Sarabia continue to be rested. The match between Brest and PSG will take place at 2:00 on August 21 (Hanoi Hours). Currently, PSG led Ligue 1 season 2021/22 with 6 points after 2 matches of PSG
PSG rang the name Messi on Parc des Princes Lionel Messi first appeared before PSG fans at home Parc des Princes and greeted Welcome warmly.

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