‘messi Laos’ Confidently Confronts Vietnam In Aff Cup 2020

High quality recruitment but 'Messi Laos' is also determined with the home team with the point before the Linh and his teammates. "Messi Laos" determined to have the point before recruiting Vietnam in AFF Cup 2020 to AFF Cup, recruiting Laos The table with Vietnam and will be compared to the Red Shirts in the first match. Evaluation of the upcoming match, the player nicknamed "Messi Laos" Vongechiengkham was confident. He shared on the newspapers page: "You know, all members of Lao or I personally evaluate Vietnam to be the leading team of Southeast Asia. You have just experienced very high-class matches at VL World Cup 2022 with the leading opponents in Asia

.Viet Nam now has a lot of good and dangerous players. In both bodybuilding and techniques, Vietnamese players have very good parameters. Thank you, Lao Tel will have to prepare a lot of things for this confrontation
90 minutes coming will be very stressful with both teams. However, with a squad that I believe is the strongest in Laos football history, I personally and my teammates will aim to have yourself at least 1 point. It comes to say, the continuous must Receiving losses in the end of the World Cup 2022 qualifiers will more or less affect the psychology of Vietnam at AFF Cup. About this VongChiengkham analysis: I do not think that the recent losses of Vietnamese Tel are worth criticizing. I personally or DT Lao collectively said that Vietnam Tel had a very good experience for later journeys. You should be proud to be on behalf of Southeast Asia in the top Asian playground. More than that, being played with the "giants" like Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia will promote Your confidence rises. I have also played at VL World Cup with superior level teams. Such matches help me see what the point is and not good at any point. So is the Vietnamese phone
Be proud of what I did. "About Laos, Vongchiengkham said that his team changed a lot compared to before and confidently stepped into the journey at AFF Cup." Laos football is having Positive change. Many people invest in football and also more players abroad to play. I talked a lot about giving off her players to play. That's what to do to improve a football background. This change is necessary for the future of Laos football. With me personally, the current lineup is the strongest history of Lao DT. Fans are also very excited and huge expectations in the upcoming AFF Cup ". In the past few months, sharing with Vietnamese media Soukaphone Vongchiengkham said very impressed with HAGL Club of Gau Duc and Hy Hope will have a day playing the ball for the most famous club in Vietnam. "I like to work with the best and most professional people. Certainly, HAGL is a club that fully elements. I have said this many times in the past, that in Laos, HAGL is a club that people know a lot. I always wanted to have a day to play to play for HAGL. You also know that Laotians and Vietnamese people are like brothers. So if I have to switch to Vietnam, make sure people will be extremely supportive. I also love Germany. Time Laos practiced in Ham Rong, we had the opportunity to meet each other. He shared with me a lot of things and honestly I wanted to play for the club's club If it's like HAGL wants to recruit and sign a contract with me, sure, I will accept the words. I acknowledge my ability and I am confident that I can play well in this team's shirt, "said Soukaphone Vongchiengkham.

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