‘messi Laos’ Unexpectedly Predicted Vietnam – China Match Results

Commenting on the match against the Chinese recruit, players nicknamed 'Mesis Lao' Soukaphone Vongchiengkham Tel Vietnam won 3 points. After the first 2 matches in the World Cup qualifier 2022 Vietnam and recruiting China As two teams in Table B have yet to have any score. Accordingly, the teachers of Park Hang Seo trainers will have a trip to this opponent in October come here. Regain this confrontation, the brightest star of the current Laos football - Soukaphone Vongchiengkham is very confident Entering the perspective of Vietnam to win the entire 3 points in front of China, thereby a first win at the last VL World Cup 2022. "I think considering the force, Vietnam Tel may be a little less than China

. However, if the assessment of collective strength and the ability to mount, you are even better than the opponent. This match, Vietnam Tel has the advantage that the players are very understanding each other, otherwise complete Full compared to a Chinese assembled from the citizen players. I and Lao Fans will follow this match together to encourage Vietnam's first victory at the 3rd World Cup VL
Lao people believe that. My personality predicts this battle of Vietnam will win China 2-0 ", the page of the leader said Soukaphone VongchieGkham.Messi Laos Vietnam G Winning the gap before recruiting the Chinese version, the match between the Chinese and Vietnam recruiting in the last 3 VL match, World Cup 2022 will take place on Sharjah stadium (UAE) on 7/10 Battle This is very expected, the Sohu said: "Two consecutive failures have made Li Tie's army no longer back. Each next match will be like a battle of death, especially in the confrontation with Vietnam Tel. If the failure in front of Park Hang Seo's army will make the coach Li tie 'flying in China in Sharjah's closure (UAE) in the stressful atmosphere. The coach li tie should listen and have the best rates for opponents because if losing to Vietnam, he should compose a single resignation ".BLV Yang Tianying of Beijing Sports Television also proved Pessimistic when it comes to the coming match of the home team with Vietnamese recruitment: "I personally pessimistic about the team in this match. I think the national team still has many difficulties to win before Vietnam The big change. The Chinese recruiting will face a high spiritive opponent and the more confidence than us. "In the coming match, China will face a small loss when captain Wu Xi Unable to play due to receiving 2 yellow cards
In the meantime, Vietnamese fakers will have the return service of Do Duy Manh, when completing the penalty suspension after the red card in the match against Saudi Arabia. This will be an extremely necessary addition in the context we are constantly losing people in defense for injury.Ruby - according to education

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