Methamphetamine In Water Can Turn Salmon Into Addiction

Scientists affirmed that the fish sensitive to many nerve stimulants, from alcohol to cocaine, and could be addicted to human similar drug addiction.02: 00/2: 13 nuns in the south of brown skin. (Source: CNN) According to a new study published on July 6, brown salmon can be addicted to methamphetamine when this substance accumulates in the waterway system. This research is carried out by scientists, Led by Pavel Horky Behavior Ecology House, of University of Czech Republican Life Sciences. The research group began investigating whether illegal drugs found in the country have changed their behavior Fish or not

. They drop 40 brown skin salmon into a water tank, containing methamphetamine content found in freshwater. After a period of 8 weeks, they moved them to a clean water tank. Then every day, the team checked whether the salmon was addicted to methamphetamine by giving them a choice between two water tanks: a tank Contains drugs and a tank no
Bad days after switching to clean water tank, salmon spent eight weeks in the country containing methamphetamine have chosen water containing drugs. According to the researchers, this shows these This salmon has addicted to this medicine. The addicted fish are also less active than those who have never exposed to methamphetamine. The traces of narcotics are also found in their brains after living in an environment containing methamphetamine for 10 days. Fish Then died. The research team concluded even the low drug concentration in the country could still affect living animals there. This substance may be contained in human waste, after not treated properly, entering the water source. "Fish are sensitive to many nerve stimulating drugs, from alcohol to cocaine, and can be addicted to Ma Human similar drug, "Mr. Horky answered CNN." Such impacts can change the operation of the entire ecosystem, thereby affecting people, "he added
It is the first time the underwater living organism is affected by pharmaceuticals from humans. In May 2019, researchers in the United Kingdom announced that they found traces of drugs, pharmaceuticals and extracts Illegal worm in freshwater shrimp samples. And in May 2018, scientists at Puget Sound, a Pacific Rometry along the northwest coast of Washington, USA, said boys in the area Area with positive results with oxycodone opioid - an analgesic drugs are often prescribed by prescription./.Phuong Linh (Vietnam)

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