Method Of Fasting Interrupt 16: 8 Of Vo Hoang Yen

Vo Hoang Yen still pays attention to maintaining a balanced shape, avoiding gaining weight when changing the living environment. She makes a diet 16: 8, fast breakfast <: 00/3: 44 NAMVO YOUTH SANG SANG to USA Since June 6. Chat with Zing about how to keep in the days of living in the country , Vo Hoang Yen shared: "American food most of the fat so I choose Vietnamese food. Besides, I also prepare your own food to control spices and nutrients better "Me Hoang Yen allows you to enjoy your favorite food but don't use too much. Photo: NVCC

. Feeding interruption 16: 8 Each when eating outside, Vo Hoang Yen chose a little grease, while taking more vegetables than meat. She often rolled the meat used with salads to eat a lot of vegetables, supplementing fiber. Hoang Yen said she had no hobby to eat starch, and always watch the calories of each food before eating
Priority model selects non-calories spices when processing. She has a pleasure with cheese but omnivated. VO Hoang Yen said: "Occasionally, I reward myself a few dishes, including ice cream. If every day eats like that, the next day will Feeding again. On the other hand, I often choose to be served with a small size to avoid eating too much ". Hoang Yen Choose the method of fasting 16: 8. The first meal of her day fell at noon time. She did not have breakfast. When you need to lose weight, Vo Hoang Yen eats berries such as acai fruits, blueberries or granola (oat mixtures, nutritious nuts, dry fruits). Every day, Vo Hoang Yen drinks a glass of water Press fruits, fruit juices are green or red
Some types of raw materials are usually in her body purification beverage formula including kale, chose, green apple, cuminous, carrot. In addition, Vo Hoang Yen also takes additional black coffee, green tea has helped the body of algae, just promoting the process of burning energy. The Hoang Yen is balanced to avoid weight gain. Photo:, jogging and climbing stairs on exercise habits, Vo Hoang Yen spends a hour every day to practice yoga. The day before she didn't like this subject but from the day of the test, she became "addicted" Yoga. Vo Hoang Yen also practiced some fitness exercises in the Gym room, about 45 minutes to an hour. Because the GYM room is only about 1.5 km from the house, she often walks from home to the body to burn more calories.Vo Hoang Yen said: "The best way to burn calories is jogging, climbing stairs or practicing Cardio exercises, such as TABATA. If we are overweight, want to sign, you should practice TABATA or HIIT because of rapid fat burning efficiency. When we lose weight, do not need to practice high intensity but still have to maintain. " Vo Hoang Yen said a tip to control the exercise process is Download App Tracking Mobilize on the phone. Checking the indicators on the App every day will motivate, helping us work harder. Vo Hoang Yen checks on continuous weight to ensure not overweight. If every day eating delighted, she would apply a tightening diet after that with vegetables, chicken breast. Sunscreen when staying in the new home to the US, due to the environmental change, Vo Hoang Yen was floating acne. In the past, female supermodels did not have a passion for skin care. Since walking to the age of 30, Vo Hoang Yen learns carefully of cosmetics for skin care, and anti-aging. Skin care supermodel carefully to reduce the appearance of aging signs. "In the components of cosmetics, I promoted retinol, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide because they have anti-aging effects, or vitamin C helps lighten the skin. Also, I often apply sunscreen every day. Even In the house, we still use sunscreen because the sunshine with UV beams can be shown through the glass door ". VOY oxygen skin 2 times a day, after falling up and night before going to bed. She exfoliated chemically for the skin once every week.When was acne, Vo Hoang Yen was not self-magnifying and taking acne cream to dry acne. She added retinol, exfoliating BHA to help reduce acne. Hoang Yen said she had dry skin, so often using mineral sprays. When going out, in supermodel bags never lacks pink cheeks, nude or red color lipsticks. You need to avoid food when losing weight? Poor diet can make your body excess energy and difficult to lose weight. Tien Luong: Vo Hoang Yen

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