Mg Car Case Constantly Sticks To Error: The Company Confirms Blind Point Sensor Errors Just Randomly

After many 'lumps' related to errors on some HS 2.0 Trophy products, MG said that the blind spot sensor of the vehicle appeared randomly, while kicking off the ability to summon in the coming time. .0: 00/3: 03 NAMTRO Southern region changed with VietNamNet, representatives of mg car company in Vietnam confirmed: "After product inspection and information collection, technical survey results from the manufacturer of the manufacturer MG indicates that the blind spot sensor appears random errors that make the sensor warning light to support the rear drive (RDA) flashing on the control panel ". Chinese car also said, the solution Fix is to replace the radar sensor of the blind spot warning system (BSD) on the faulty cars

. One of the MG HS 2.0 Trophy is faulty in the past. (Photo NVCC) Specifically, with 2 customers who buy Mg Hs Vehicles Trophy, a case is British D
T.G has been made to Vietnam's MG to change the sensor. The case of Britain TTS has been scheduled after the city time in accordance with the 16th Prime Minister's Directive. However, when asking questions about being likely this is a batch error, MG representative in Vietnam is still open. At the same time, there is no information about whether there are summoning Hs Trophy cars in the future or not only the information will be responsible for warranty for cars with errors and are confirmed by the manufacturer. . At the same time, it is recommended if the problem has a problem, the customer can contact the agent to be instructed, checked and fixed. But many repairs but on the clock panel still appear the error message line. (Photo: NVCC) Before that, as VietNamNet has informed, in early July, the MG HS 2.0 Trophy (the highest version) to buy Mr
D.T.g. In Hanoi, it has repeatedly reported on the clock panel with Maintenance Vehicle Immediately information (immediate maintenance) and Rear Drive Assist Sensor Blocked (the rear drive support sensor was locked) whether this car rolled up Get a few hundred km.Theo vehicle users, when the error clock is like above, all the safety features on the expensive MG trophy version are disabled. At this time, basic features such as blind spots, supporting lane, opening warning, alert the rear cross-sectional vehicle, ... inactive. Car said, after bringing the car into history Approximately 2 weeks with a total distance of about 850 km, but he had 3 times to take the car into Mg Le Van Luong factory to repair. However, the car's disease has not been resolved. After all working with MG representatives, the two sides also have a common voice of the overcome plan. However, this makes customers take a lot of time, followed by insecurity, frustration with a new car to buy nearly 1 billion dong. Vai next day, another user is British TTS also said Meet the situation with your own Mg HS 2.0 Trophy. This car, Anh S. Buying in Agent Mg Long Bien. It is known, currently TC Services Vietnam - MG brand car distribution unit has a total of 15 agents across the country but currently only 2 The maintenance warranty is granted a certificate in Hai Phong and Bac Ninh.Vietnamnet also continues the information about the incident. Which angle of view (or have the experience) on the above issue? Please share the article about Motorcycle Cars by email: The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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