Mg Zs Launched Upgrade Version, Unpublished Price

MG Motor Indonesia has officially launched a new MG ZS 2022, through an online program, changing both appearance and equipment to attract more than 9:00 / 2: 27nam in Namzhang Weiwei, Deputy Executive Director MG Motor Indonesia said, MG ZS 2022 reflects strong, high-end and energy-filled sports styles.MG ZS 2022 launches in Indonesia with a young, more modern appearance with the previous generation By 2020, MG ZS 2022 is equipped with full LED headlights, hexagonal design grille with MG logo in the middle of the striking chrome plated, fog lights are also refined and fan-shaped car wheels Two color tones options 16 inches or 17 inches later, LED taillights and rear bumper designs are more designed to be more sporty with black-shaped embossing barriers.Camera 360 degrees on MG ZS 2022 Highest variant Magnify Cabin compartment equipped with a 7-inch digital control panel, 10-inch infotainment screen instead of 8 inches before, integrating Apple Carplay and Android Auto. There are also panoramic sunrise, electronic brakes instead of muscle brake, 5 USB ports, handrails and new air filters. On the most advanced version Magnify also equipped with a power supply seat

. ZS 2022 has 3 variants including: Activate, Ignite and Magnify. All three variants are equipped with the same 1.5L engine as the previous version, producing a capacity of 114 horsepower and 150nm torque
However, instead of using 4-speed gearbox, MG ZS 2022 page Being a 8-level CVT gearbox. Vehicle shining on MG ZS 2022 is higher than 5mm compared to the previous version of ZS 2022 with an increase of 5mm at 170mm at 170mm. Safety features on MG ZS 2022 include: system Anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), electronic brake support, stable control system, crab brake system, traction control system, horizontal departure support Slope, tire pressure monitoring system, emergency stop signal and 360-degree camera (only on the highest variant). On the highest variant Magnify equipped with 6 airbags, while active variations only have 2 bags Gas and Ignite variants have 4 airbags. Current price Mg ZS 2022 in Indonesia has not been announced. See more photos of MG ZS 2022 in Indonesia: Understand Lam

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