Mg5 2022 Cheap To Regard, About To Sell In Vietnam?

In the short term, this model MG5 2022 is most likely to be imported genuine to register and research products before distributing to Vietnam market. After having information having docked Vietnam, MG5 2022 Quickly caught at a registration station. Although the car was covered with the logo in front, the following trunk as well as the La-zang area, but the grille design with the lights was not strange to the users interested in MG5. Duy only the difference is that the MG5 goes to the same white exterior paint and the caught in the port with yellow. Information about this model has been actually revealed long ago, even There are places where piles have been opened from July 2021 but perhaps due to the influence of epidemics, MG5 has a completely new appointment with Vietnamese guests

. With the appearance of MG5 at the registration station, some information for or the car will be sold in early next year. MG5 car price in Vietnam is expected to be about 500 million VND, quite attractive in the class sedan segment When K3 2022 is priced from 559 - 659 million VND and even a child at a number of models of Class B sedan segment such as Honda City (529 - 599 million VND) or Toyota Vios (478 - 630 Million VND) . Based to the alloy wheels of 2 MG5 appeared in Vietnam, can see this model will have at least 2 versions (in Thailand with 3 versions)
In particular, the yellow in the sports village, with a 17-inch and greater 14-inch wheels of the normal white version. Some remarkable equipment on MG5 in Thailand must include full LED lamp system, 7-inch digital clock table After the steering wheel, 10-inch entertainment screen has an Apple Carplay / Android auto connection, electrical driving chair, sunroof, electronic hand brake integrated automatic brake, air conditioner Dynamic integrated dust filter system PM2.5 Operation ability, MG5 is equipped with gasoline, 4-cylinder, 1.5L capacity for a maximum capacity of 114 horsepower with a maximum torque of 150 nm . Equipped with a gearbox is a stepless type of CVT emulator 8 levels, comes with the previous bridge drive system. The safety equipment of MG5 is also relatively comprehensive, in Thailand with anti-lock ABS brakes, allocation force EBD electronic brake, electronic balance, traction control system, brake control system when hugging crabs, supporting horizontal departure, cruise control, lane switch warning, blind spot warning, point warning Blind when backwards, warning the rear collision, 6 airbags and 360-degree cameras.Video: MG5 has appeared in Vietnam, the price of 500 million VND. Nguyen Bac

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