Microsoft Wants To Use Ethereum Copyright Infringement

Microsoft is looking for ways to take advantage of Ethereum to deal with digital copyright infringement, based on Blockchain's immorality and transparency. Microsoft researchers, Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University announced documents 11 The page, which mentioned the system named Argus and was described by the US Software Group as "the first public piracy prevention system". Simulation money for Ethereum. Photo: REUTER Data mentioned the plan to design, deploy and evaluate Argus. Microsoft said Argus will operate based on public blockchain, in which people point the status of copyright violations maintain anonymousness but still ensure the level of transparency for the public to monitor

. Reports sent to Argus It is possible to secure the sender's identity, but allow the company to track the content of the contents that are violated of the privilege. "Optimizing encryption activities also helps to reduce the cost of reporting to the equivalent of transactions. 14 ETH
We hope that the level of security and practical levels of Argus can help campaigns against copyright infringement in fact a much more efficient, based on comprehensive transparency encouragement mechanism ", documents There are segments.ethereum is the open source Blockchain foundation founded in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin Programmer and many entrepreneurs in the field of virtual money. Ethereum network uses smart contracts (SC), computer programs written by a programming language to perform available and operate instructions on Blockchain. They are behind dispersed applications (DAPPS), similar to the app running on Android or iOS, the difference is that they are not under the management of the company or a single government.

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