Mid-autumn Mid-autumn Fun At Home: Make Lanterns, Trays ‘moon’

On the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, instead of hitting the lion dance, buying lanterns, inviting each other 'breaking up', the children are held by their parents to meet the Mid-Autumn Festival in simple but still meaningful ways. DIY lanterns from available items now, the nearest days of Mid-Autumn Festival in many provinces and cities are still in the time of implementing social ways. People still need to strictly implement measures to prevent and fight out translations, limit out of the road and gather the crowded people. Basic, many families have spent time instructions for their own ways to create Chinese toys Collection instead of buying as every year. Many of you have done lanterns from recycled items such as beer cans, plastic bottles and color paper to prepare "procession" of the Mid-Autumn Night

. The lanterns are made of beer cans. Artwork. Simple crush lamps made from plastic bottles
Illustration. Ngoc Hien (Cau Giay District, Hanoi) shared, this year because of the epidemic, the children should not go out to play as well as buying Mid-Autumn Festival. So let me still get joy on the Children's Day, Sister Hien directed you to make your own toys at home. "I instructed my child to use the skills learned in the craft subject: cutting a straight line, folding the paper in a straight line and turning the paper to fold the opposite, ... to form his product", Ms Hien Say.bei Tue Lam next to its DIY paper lantern. Photo: NVCC. After completing your product, Hien said, I feel very happy and happy because I have been able to do this lantern and this Chinese New Year, I have a favorite toy
"Although at home, I'm still happy to know how to create your own joy and I want to spread this joy to everyone!", Baby Tue Lam (Son Ms. Ngoc Hien) shared. Tue Lam, many other small friends also create their own lanterns or have small friends who draw the moon on the nights of the full moon society to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Show the tray of "moon" instead of Together to turn on the preparation of "breaking the deck" at the school, in residential areas, ... as every year, many mothers prepared the items to show the tray for the children. Many babies have been taught by their mother to shape animals from fruits in the simplest way to show up with the mid-autumn air every year. Funny animals are shaped from fruits. Artwork. Animals can make pictures easily with fruits or vegetables like the chicken made of Susu fruits, porcupines made of grapes, ducks made of tomato fruits, crabs made Apples or guava, snails made from apples and bananas ... or more mothers are rather than making cotton dogs with pomelos. And just adding a few moon cakes is that the whole family gets a full tray, the air of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival at a family. Artwork. Phuong Thao (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) said, she was fully prepared to make Mid-Autumn Festival at home for small friends. Over the past few days, because I still have a break, you're joining you with small friends who do simple animals. "Small friends are self-made so they are excited, this is also a period of time with useful activities. Especially, the children also feel the air of the Mid-Autumn Festival are approaching even if it does not go to the codeven to buy toys like every year, "said Shao.

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