Middle East Is Tangled ‘like Bonghong’, The Us Cannot Easily Give Up

It seems that leaving the troublesome Middle East will be something 'easier to do' for the US President Joe Biden. America has a strategy to decrease in the Middle East region. (Source: CNBC) USA still maintains "Promise" to stay? At Dialogue Manama 2021 organized by the International Strategic Research Institute (IISS) in Bahrain on November 20, US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin Trying to persuade the Middle Eastern allies that the US still maintained a commitment to regional security. Lloyd Austin declared: "US commitment to security in the Middle East is ensured strong and firm" . In the context of the turbulent withdrawal from Afghanistan, the reduction of US military troops in the region as well as Washington's "Rotating axis to Asia" strategy made a lot of concerns

.Farhad Alaaldin, Chairman The Iraq Advisory Council, a research institute based in Baghdad, expressed: "There are many worries. Partners in the region are concerned and some of them are starting to seek safer solutions ". Many Middle East countries are skeptical about US commitments that they will not withdraw from the relationship Ninh originated from the Cold War, while Washington was focusing on the new priorities of the 21st century
President Joe Biden repeatedly referred to its top foreign external priorities to deal with the rise of China in East Asia and managing contradictions with Russia in the issue of Ukraine. Specifically, the Pentagon made steps to reduce the US military footprint in Persia and the Middle East to transfer attention and Resources to Asia. However, it is becoming more and more effective, after two decades of armed intervention in the area, leaving a series of persistent problems, leading to a large loss Politics, a space left for American rivals to find ways.Megan A. Stewart, professor at American University commented: "Russia has a strong military presence Being in the Middle East and China is increasingly expanding the economic impact through belt and road initiatives. Finally, the American trust space leaves can create a greater influence on this global powerful ". Especially, solve nuclear weapons issues with Iran is one of the big goals Complete US. A multinational meeting with Iran, including China, Russia, France, England and Germany, is expected to take place on November 29 in Geneva. This event aims to restore an agreement in 2015 to limit Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the removal of economic sanctions. Biden President is having a strategy that if a new deal reaches a new deal , America will keep its commitment
However, he will ensure that in practice is still a hidden number. The 2015 agreement was simply signed by the former President Barack Obama and later, the former President Trump was easily canceled. President Biden could make the US Senate through a new agreement like A treaty, otherwise, the "fate" of the agreement will also depend on the action of the next President. A Iranian missile published in an unknown location in Iran in August 2020. (Source: Reuters) Legendary disputes in Colin Kahl, Deputy Minister of the US Defense in charge of policy, less than three months after the US withdrew from Afghanistan, terrorist groups were reviving. At the end of October, he told a committee of the American Senate that the Islamic State (IS) claims, a terrorist network that the US tried to beat not only in Afghanistan but also in Syria and Iraq, yes It is possible to prepare for an American attack within 6 months. For Iraq, the Pentagon officials warn that the Iraqi army, like the Afghan Army, which received US training for many years was unable to confront With IS. Front, the General Department of Defense Inspector of the Pentagon Sean O'Donnell wrote that the Iraqi troops are showing poor security conditions, lack of reliable information about activities against IS , weak in tactical control and coordination of weapons. Ancictability was made just before announcing that US military activities in Iraq will end in the new year. About the Syrian problem, at the conference Manama, a attendee asked questions about the incident last October, Iranian militants were released by an airplace attacks i driven to the US military in this country, but the US did not respond. Austin US Defense Secretary only answered simply that "America still maintains self-defense at the time and the location we choose" . Addition, Washington's axis rotation policy has left behind the budding new dispute between the administration of Biden and Israel's government, the oldest allies of the United States in the Middle East. Time Manama, disagreement The National Security Advisor Israel Eval Hulata and the top advisor of President Biden on the Middle East Brett McGurk broke out around the minimum requirement needed to reach a nuclear deal with Iran.Israel to force Iran to give up completely

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