Middle East: The Ideal Destination Of Hiking

In recent years, some trails are opened in the Middle East, leading to an increase in the form of hiking tourism in this area.0: 00/3: 59 male poetry, Sara jealousy often see High mountains near the Red Sea from her balcony at sunset. Sara always wished that one day she would conquer the outer desert mountain range at the edge of Hurghada city (Egypt). However, she understood that this was not easy because there was only Bedouin - the nomadic ethnic people lived on the desert - knowing the walking path to the mountain. The Red Sea Dharma helped Sara jealousy to realize the dream

. Photo: Time Magazine.In 2019, Dr. Sara jealousy has made dreams of climbing high mountains when joining the walking group along the Red Sea Trail (RSMT), 257 km long is opened
This is a 10-day adventurous adventure that crosses the canyon, sloping pass and desert. RSMT is the latest road in the Community Tourism Project to support the development of local economies, tightening the relationship between visitors and indigenous people. The Middle East region is becoming an ideal destination of this form of "slow tourism". Favorite experience in recent years, roads through desert and high mountains have been built in the region Middle East, Including: Trail through Egyptian Sinai Peninsula is 550 km long, Lebanese cross-mountain trail is 470 km long opened in 2007 or Palestinian Heritage Trail is 330 km long in 2014, according to National Geographic . The visitors walk on the Jordan trail. Photo: Lonely Planet. In 2017, the 650 km Jordan trail was formed, attracting hiking lovers (hiking). Tourists who participate in the journey will go along North to South Jordan, admire the beautiful natural scenery with Olive tree forests, green valleys, white sandy beaches or visit Petra - Di ancient city World cultural products are recognized by UNESCO - when coming to the desert in the southwest.tut, the form of hiking is hardly developed in this area in the past. In 1990, two veteran climbers Tony Howard and Di Taylor was the first time to map the trail in Jordan but was not supported by the local people
"They like driving more than walking", Tony Howard Lo.Du guests are watching beautiful nature scenes when hiking. Photo: Kandoo Adventures. Then, hiking becomes the form of entertainment and the favorite experience of residents in the Middle East. Many hiking groups have been established in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Amman (Jordan) ... The cause of an increase in hiking forms due to these routes reminds of transport and trade history. The old commercial in the Middle East, according to National Geographic. Steps to overcome the prejudices that many foreign visitors support the form of hiking to explore the Middle East. However, Tony Howard said that some foreign tourists have the conception that the Middle East is an insecure area to make long trips. "There were incidents like 3 American youths arrested The long distance from Iraq to Iran in 2009, or the terrorist bombing of the tourist bus in Egypt in 2019. But such tragedies rarely happened, "Tony Howard told the National Georaphic. Long line alone in the Middle East. Photo: Lonely Planet. Another concern is that women are not secure when hiking in the Middle East. Hamsa Mansour, Egyptian documentary filmmaker, share harassment of women is a serious problem in the Middle East region. "Women face many difficulties when living in Cairo," Hamsa revealed.Song, Hamsa - the woman who had hiking in Egypt and Morocco - admitted to feel free when exploring wild nature, instead Because of the stuffy and harassment of life in the city. "I feel the safest when hiking," Hamsa replied to National Geographic. Alignment on a long-distance path with local guides not only helps tourists enjoy spectacular natural colors In the Middle East, but also learned the traditional culture of few tribes. Ben Hoffler, Sinai's author: The Trekking Guide, confirmed that guests were lucky to meet the ultimate guards of the ancient nomadic culture.Sheikh Merayi Abu Musallem, head of the Kushmaan tribe, is creating thing Fighting for young members in tribes to do guides for hiking groups. This ensures long-term livelihoods for Kushmaan, while preserving tribal identity and cultural exchange with the outside world. "Kushmaan's young generation learned the best on the trail", Musallem said With National Geographic.

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