Middle Nsnd Returned To The Role Of A Strange Father In The Movie ‘sunny And Sunny Days’

I used to take on serious roles in the television waves so when the NSND Trung Anh assumed the role of his father 'daddy' in the movie 'Thanked the sunny day', the audience was not unexpected and interested. The role of Mr. Hung demands in the "sunny day about" NSND Trung Anh is having an impressive role in the movie "Trading the sunny day". Despite being a suppassable role, not seriously psychological as previous roles, plus the frequency of appearance is not much, but male artists have "blowed souls" into the character to help the role shine.Nam artist into his role Ms

. Hien's husband (NSND Lan Huong) and Germany's father (Hong Dang). Mr. Hung is often bullied by his wife "
In the recent episode, his wife forced him and son watching football in the room to her grandmother and friends to have fun, singing. Two dads love football, watching the match that must be "gagged" each other to avoid shouting, and stuck for hours without going to the toilet. Hung in the original scenario is the Father, but when Movie, Middle NSND has a bit transformed to become a more different father, with different colors. Southern artist shared he wanted to make the character different from his father-in-law on television. All of this is mainly to cover his feelings when he lives with a formidable wife, likes to show off, all day Choang.NSND Trung Anh reveals, he does not want to let the character into his wife too much. Instead, Mr. Hung sometimes teasing his wife to stressful life. Creating the character of Middle NSND is also special, the head of the hair is humorous and humorous. The film segments have the appearance of Mr
Hung, the more audience sees the transformation of Midland NSND. South artists also said that the hero's shoulders are not long but there are turning points. Mr. Hung family will meet the following tragedies. Currently, the NSND Trung Anh retired. In addition to film making time, he also made a lecturer at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. He had 40 years of dedicating all his drama and retired from early October. Field of stage or film, he all marked bold in the hearts. Most of his roles are men who are honest, honest, good but have a hard-to-suffering, bear bitterness in life. However, when switching to a thorny shoulder, he still expressed excellence of Thai, personality of the character. The successful films of the NSND of Central English must mention: "Peaceful hiding place"; "Neverages do not earn"; "Marriage in narrow lane"; "House Sticky"; "The children of the village"; "The judgment", "Going home", "returning to the middle of love" ... Notably, the NSND of Middle UK's wages are particularly loved by the audience. Taking on the role of the juniors of the "tycoon" of Phan Quan, South artist has shown loyalty, struggle, right "his right arm". This is also an impressive role in the acting in the acting in the Middle Agency's acting with the audience. In the movie "Going to the house", NSND Trung Anh plays Mr. Son - the man "the" rooster " All love for 3 daughters. Each person encountered a separate obstacle in affection and work but they always have a father in addition to sharing, cheering. The image of his father was austerity, always worried about, hazing because the child of the NSND of Central England had occupied the feelings of the audience. . This is also the role of a father who loves unconditional children but it is more rigorous than Mr. Son of "Going home". This role has also received many sympathes from the audience, especially middle-aged, elderly audiences. Last time, Middle Affairs also shines with a special role - is the "third person" in the set Drama "Happy Mask". In the film, Middle Efficiency NSND plays the role of Mr. Huan, a private driver for the family of Mr. Ton (Manh Cuong) and Mrs. Trang (Spring NSs). In contrast to the calm, gentle appearance, he hersone who hides a secret of this wealthy family. In this film, the Chinese NSND has a love scene with his lover. This is also a rare Middle NSND with an emotional scene with a female student on the movie.

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