Midnight Took Me To The Medical Examination, The Driver Still “dares’ To Stop The Center Of The Highway To Help Strangers

The video clip was shared by Mr. Nguyen Ba Hiep to a social network that attracted the attention of the network community on brave action to help strangers at midnight between the quiet highway.0: 00/3: 09 Southern00:00: 00/00: 42 Clip is recorded near the stop stop at the Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway IC8 intersection. On the road is empty between the night, there are 3 men who asked Mr. Nguyen Ba Hiep to support the car's batteries

. Late night, on the car with young children and on social networks also shared many situations The robbery of Mr. Hiep also has a warning part. However, after the hesitation and placing themselves in the circumstances of people who need help, Mr
Hiep chose the plan to stay in helping 3 strangers. Change with Infonet reporter, Mr. Ba Hiep said, due to the disease, his wife and son returned to his hometown, he stayed in Hanoi to work. Just then the son was sick, so he drove to his hometown and right in the night took his wife and children to Hanoi to let their children go to a medical examination. Batteries, but cars are parked away from the stop. After a little concern he still decided to help strangers because they could think they needed real help. When I saw the car with 3 men, especially when a man also held a knife press him It's a bit afraid, because I'm not just me, I have a wife and children, relatives on the car. Then you stimulate themselves ", then lock the door to sit still in the car. Press out to cut the wire, I'm also afraid but because my wife and children are on the car, try to be calm, because I'm right, don't do anything wrong, "- Mr. Hiep shares
Some uncertainty happened, Mr. Hiep only thought his wife injured his son, even his 3-month-old son was still sick. Even so, he didn't even leave the person who needed help. "When I was also mindfulness to help anyone help, let go, take care of me and my child's family", Mr. Hiep Tam Memorial.Anh Hiep and Family After Binh An returned to Hanoi to shared his story on a social network with the desire to spread the positive to the driver as well as the online community. "Life keeps giving away. No need to get back, will receive what is worthy. But also need to calm and alert in every case" - Mr. Time messages more. The small spirit of his family Nguyen Ba Hiep. Clip to help strangers in the middle of the night quickly attracted the attention of the online community, many praise Mr. Hiep's smart and courageous action: "Life doesn't know how to be, much When you go to the road see someone please help, help them peacefully, not to help it. and vice versa, meet scams, trap, blackmail ... don't get down to help again , I still affect myself and my family. Thinking is difficult ... This driver is fruitful to honor ";" Uncle treated the standard, keeping the door to the explosion. Help But also offered it as much as possible because of safety and family. Wish the new week of new weeks ";" Warm a lot, thank you. Before I also or the battery ends the battery ... extremely miserable Wish you a peaceful mileage ";" People who take advantage of other people's injuries to make a bad game. But I love it, just do it! Thank you for your kindness, wish you always healthy ".lam Giang and clip: NVCC

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