Midnight Was Raised By Her Husband To Ask 10 Yellow Trees, I Panicked And Dreamed

Families are 'debt like lord', hearing husbands have a lot of gold, I celebrate tears 9: 00/2: 14 years ago, I am always proud of your husband's kindness. In any month, he also put all wages for his wife, he only held a few hundred thousand to spend. Because my husband saves it, I don't dare to spend wastefully. I have just built the house and owe my friends more than 300 million. It is intended to use the salary of the couple who pays gradually, around the end of the year later

. But unexpectedly for two months now my husband lose his job, my salary is only enough to spend in the family. Write friends constantly collecting debts, everyone said it was very needed, unable to help my family anymore. While I had a headache with this loan to pay the other where her husband didn't mind
Every day I eat well to sleep well, let my wife manually manage me extremely tired. The night before, I was sleeping well, unexpectedly swept away by her husband and asked for 10 yellow trees. At first I thought I was dreaming but then the screaming of her husband in the middle of the night killed me to sleep. He told 10 golden trees to store at the bottom of the cabinet, naturally disappeared, so it could only be me to take. (Artwork) I am over and asked why her husband very yellow? The husband said that gold was his parents selling land for. I'm hot to say, why not give me a loan to do home? The husband frowned that the money to buy land, the house was made by her husband all. I have not yet contributed, so the amount of money that debt is the part of your wife. I have a low salary but also enough spending in the family. In addition to doing now, I have to take care of your children, and everything you go to work and don't have to touch your feet. If there are family caregivers, I was all intended to focus on developing the work, my salary was not inferior to her husband
But her husband didn't listen to my explanations. He launched the whole house to find gold, until my 5-year-old daughter woke up, my husband asked about the gold bag. I broke in my baby's backpack, my husband was happy, rushing to check. When I saw enough 10 yellow trees, my husband gave me to sleep. I guess the naughty of the cupboard saw the toy. Now find it, I will say it will take it to the bank, but you definitely don't pay me the debt. I really don't know how to say how to sell gold to pay a loan? Everyone gave me advice with? (Myloan ... @ gmail.com) under TTVN.Toquoc.vn

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